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I Suit Up for: Beach Confidence

Australian Blogger Ashley Rose knows how to look fabulous in — and out — of the water

Spend a few minutes on Ashley Rose’s blog, thisisashleyrose, and one thing is clear: She’s as passionate as we are about celebrating all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to dressing for the beach. “I love the quote, ‘How to get a beach body: Put on a swimsuit and go the beach!’” she says. “Because at the end of the day, you only live once, and do you really want to spend it covered up and uncomfortable at the expense of people you don’t know?”

We couldn’t agree more, except we know it’s also not so easy giving up the T-shirt and shorts for a bathing suit. The Australian blogger blames this (unfortunately) common desire to cover up on pictures we see of women at the beach, most of whom are models. “This, in reality, leaves 99 percent of women feeling that their bodies are inadequate,” she says.

Which is why she preaches beach confidence on her blog, of feeling totally at ease in your own skin — so-called “jiggly bits” be damned. “Confidence will only come once you give it a go, so go for it,” she says. “Take off those layers, and if you survive — and I’m willing to bet you will — then go and do it again and again and again.”

Of course, it helps if you’re wearing a suit that enhances your figure. “There’s nothing worse than swimwear that just sits against the body and doesn’t offer to support your curves,” she says. (We hear you, Ashley!)

The fashionista tried out our Shore Club Diagonal Geo Faux Tankini Maillot and our Shore Club Luxe Halter Swimsuit and gave them high marks for comfort, support and, of course, style. After all, “if you’re going to rock your curves on the beach, why not stand out in something amazing?” she says.

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