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Cynthia Osborne

I Suit Up for: My Community Retirement was the the start of a brand-new chapter for Cynthia Osborne Eighteen years ago, on her doctor’s recommendation, Cynthia Osborne tried her first water fitness class. With a bad back and aching knees, she figured she had nothing to lose by trying the no-impact exercise. It didn’t take […]


Cher Tushiah

I Suit Up For: All Women Social media guru and plus-sized advocate Cher Tushiah wants women to embrace their bodies   Cher Tushiah always had curves — and the good sense to embrace them from an early age. In fact, as her reed-thin friends were fretting over every morsel they ate, Cher was basking in […]


CeCe Olisa

I SUITED UP FOR: Fitness CeCe Olisa spreads the word about embracing healthy curves at every size There’s something special going on at The Big Girl Blog. Its author, CeCe Olisa, covers the usual women’s lifestyle topics—fashion, beauty, fitness, love, travel—but does so with unusual candor. She often draws heavily from her own experiences. To […]


Sophie Russell

I Suited Up for: Myself Australian Blogger Sophie Russell found the secret to beach confidence Growing up in Australia, Sophie Russell hit the country’s famed beaches in the least body-con outfit imaginable: old shorts and a t-shirt. Sure, plus-sized swimwear skewed older (and dowdier) then, but the teenager was also acutely aware of her curves […]


Samara Gentle

I Suited Up For: Fun Australian Blogger Samara Gentle learned how to tune out the negative thoughts and enjoy life at the beach Until about a year ago, Australia native Samara Gentle wore board shorts with her swimsuits. But all that changed this summer when the Blonde Ink blogger decided to embrace swimwear that was […]