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Passion Jonesz

I Suited Up to: Inspire Others Fashion and beauty guru Passion Jonesz uses her popular YouTube videos to encourage women to embrace their curves While most of us switch majors or jump career paths a few times before we find our direction, Passion Jonesz realized her path after uttering five simple words: “Stay plus-sized. Stay […]


Kendall Rae

I Suit Up For: Confidence YouTube vlogger Kendall Rae tackled her biggest fear: wearing a series of swimsuits — on camera From the opening shot of Kendall Rae’s plus-sized swimsuit video, you realize this isn’t your typical fashion shoot. That’s all because of Rae, the sole star of this video that’s one part look book, one part […]


Cynthia Osborne

I Suit Up for: My Community Retirement was the the start of a brand-new chapter for Cynthia Osborne Eighteen years ago, on her doctor’s recommendation, Cynthia Osborne tried her first water fitness class. With a bad back and aching knees, she figured she had nothing to lose by trying the no-impact exercise. It didn’t take […]


Cher Tushiah

I Suit Up For: All Women Social media guru and plus-sized advocate Cher Tushiah wants women to embrace their bodies   Cher Tushiah always had curves — and the good sense to embrace them from an early age. In fact, as her reed-thin friends were fretting over every morsel they ate, Cher was basking in […]