An Interview with Robyn Lawley


s4a:   What makes you feel sexy on the beach?

Robyn:   I feel sexy in a swimsuit when it’s fitting me correctly and it’s beautiful to look at. It’s got nice colors. It’s fashion forward. It’s got cool accessories, like zippers and things like that. That’s when I feel sexy.

s4a:   What’s your favorite curve on your body?

Robyn:   My favorite curve on my body is my waist. I think the waist to hips is so sexy and I really love my waist.

s4a:   Where do you get your confidence?

Robyn:   Where do I get my confidence? I think I get my confidence from just being happy with myself and accepting who I am. That helps being confident. Of course, if things fit me, I am much more confident.

s4a:   What can we do, me, you, and society, to promote that all women can and should look sexy on the beach?

Robyn:   Yep. So what can society do to help ensure women feel sexy on the beach? I think that you know they can have nice available swimsuits in their sizes that are fitting and supportive so they can do the activities they love, like getting in the water. A few years ago, I could never go into the water because the waves would take off my swimsuit. Now I feel comfortable enough to do that.

s4a:   Why a swimwear line?

Robyn:   Okay. So why a swimsuit line? Well, I really struggled to find a swimsuit in my own size. I was wearing underwear at the beach. Bras and knickers that look like swimsuits. So I thought this had to change and I had to change it. I wanted to make really fashion forward, comfortable swimsuits and I set about doing that.



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