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I Suited Up for: My friends, family and strangers

Australian Blogger Jessica Dee chronicles fashion and her mission to get healthy

On her blog Too Many Sequins, Australia’s Jessica Dee tackles a lot of topics near and dear to our hearts: body image, getting healthy and, of course, fashion. Credit her grandmother for that last one: She taught Jessica to always put effort into how she dressed, something friends, family and strangers have all made a point to notice. “Whenever I was out, I was constantly asked where I got this or that, because as a bigger girl, it was odd to have something no one else did,” she says. “So I thought about starting [the blog] purely so friends could see what I was buying and where I was buying it from. I had no idea it would grow in the way it has.”

If seeing her chic fashion mashups draws in visitors, it’s her honest writing that no doubt keeps them coming back. Recently engaged, Jessica is devoting this year to chronicling her quest to get healthy, writing candidly about everything from satisfying cravings to finding an exercise routine that works for her. Included in the regimen are twice-weekly water aerobics classes, where a well-made, stay-put swimsuit is a must. She says she regularly wears our Shore Club Eclipse V-Neck Halter Swimsuit to class. “Once it’s on, it doesn’t move,” she explains. “I don’t feel like I might have a wardrobe malfunction in the water, especially when splashing about having fun.”

But being the fashion-forward woman she is, Jessica also owns several of our trendy, colorful suits. Besides the eye-catching shades, she says she appreciates the stylish cuts. “swimsuitsforall isn’t afraid of the idea of a bigger girl in a bikini,” she says. “And when I say ‘bikini,’ I mean an actual two-piece, not a long swim top and bottom.”

Support is something else Jessica demands from swimwear — it’s the key to feeling confident, she says. Of course, it also helps if you focus less on any so-called “trouble spots” and more on embracing the moment. “Once you hit the beach, you’ll wonder what on earth you were worried about,” she says. “Everyone has hang ups about their bodies, trust me! And they’re more worried about their thighs than they are yours.”

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