Karen Olson


Meet… Karen Olson, Senior Web Developer

What’s your favorite body of water and why?
The swimming pool in my building because I’m afraid of “real” water!

What’s your most memorable swim story?
When I was little, we used to go visit my grandmother at her summer trailer. The trailer park was on a lake and there was always fun water activities happening. I couldn’t swim, so I stayed with the kiddies in the shallow water by the beach. I loved watching my dad and uncle water ski though.

Before you worked at s4a what did you do?
I worked with databases and web applications in a variety of settings—a luxury goods e-retailer, a Swiss knife and watch manufacturer, an academic non-profit organization, and a company providing web-enabled musical instruments. I’ve also continuously studied music for over 20 years now, and I play the piano and the drums.

Describe what you do at s4a in one sentence:
I keep the portal between s4a and the customer open on the website, and work continually with our customer service and site merchandising teams to improve and enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

What’s your favorite thing about working for s4a?
The colorful suits and the beautiful photography really make the web site a pleasure to look at.

What’s in your beach tote?
Sunscreen, hand/body lotion, mp3 player and a book.

Describe your swim style in three words:
Fun, simple and sexy.

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