Why Longitude? The fit has got you covered. The Longitude brand was created specifically for women with longer torsos. Enjoy stylish suits that flatter while staying comfortable and classy.

Check out their Stem Wear prints. Longitude designs one piece suits with strategically placed pattens like these all-over florals that complement a longer torso.

Bottom line: Longitude’s all-over florals create perfect proportion. Shop Now!



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  1. Donna Aldridge

    At 6’2″ I appreciate the long torso 1 piece, but I prefer the comfort of Tankinis. Could you please include the length of the various Tankini tops? This should not require much change, just put it in the description. I have ordered 3 suits, but I may have to return some because of the length of the tops. It is a guess for me at best. 5 months a year I live on an island & I wear some type of bathing suit daily. Thank you

    • Swim Team

      Hi Donna! We are working diligently to provided the measurements in our descriptions. Thanks, s4a

  2. Rita Maag

    Recently returned one of your suits to the department store. I had just received the credit card bill and already chloride from the pool had faded the suit to the point I was embarrassed to wear it. Any Longitude suits that are chlorine resistant??

    • Swim Team

      Hi Rita! Unfortunately, we do not offer Chlorine Resistant suits in the Longitude collection. Please see our Aquabelle collection for chlorine resistance.

  3. Denise

    I have a Longitude swimsuit that I’ve had for many years. It is the most flattering swimsuit I’ve ever owned. At a young 62, and in reasonable good shape (5’5″ and a size 10), this suit makes me look 20 years younger!! That’s the good news. The bad news is it is starting to get a “fuzzy” bottom, and I can’t find one anywhere to replace it. It is style number 16131. I suspect since it is so old, although you would never know it, that they don’t make it anymore. If so, would the company consider making it again? I would be an excellent advocate for sales! It’s so hard for us older ladies to find a bathing suit so youthful and flattering. As embarrassing as this is to say, I look fabulous in it, and I know so many other women would too!

  4. JAN

    I just purchased 2 Longitude suits while on holidays in Maui. I was so excited to find a long torso brand, stylish and awesome fitting too! Imagine my dismay when my husband noticed as I was getting out of the pool, two black circles on my chest! I would like to suggest that the black padded cups be replaced with beige so they don’t show through when the suits are wet.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Jan! We are so sorry to hear that this happened! We will of course push this information over to the correct department.

  5. Lori Weeder

    Are the Aquabelle chlorine resistant suits long torso?

    • Swim Team

      Hi Lori! If you would like to shop long torso swimsuits, please see the Longitude collection we carry!

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