Louise DeLucia

I Suited Up For: Fashion

Louise Delucia loves her curves — and our fashion-forward swimwear

Every so often, we ask friends (or friends of friends) to try out our swimwear and report back on their experience, which is how we met Louise Delucia. As the owner of Gowns by Louise, a successful bridal shop in New York, N.Y., this 54-year-old is no stranger to fashion. As a size 22, she’s also no stranger to the underwhelming selection of clothes made for full-figured women. “You can go into Victoria’s Secret, but you can’t buy any bras, panties or thongs — they only cater to certain sizes,” she says. “And you can go to Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart, but they’re not high-fashion looks. You know, the elastic pants and the whole bit. Sometimes I feel like the full-figured girl is forgotten.” (We hear you, Louise!)

So when she saw all the cuts, colors and styles we carry, she was understandably excited. “I love all the variety on swimsuitsforall, from strapless to strapped to halter to one shoulder,” Louise says. “I thought they had a large selection — almost too big! No matter what size you are, there’s something for everyone.”

In the end, Louise road tested five swimsuits, including a two-piece, a skirtini and a one-shoulder in our signature vibrant colors and patterns. She raved about the extra bust and tummy support and the slimming cuts. “I thought I looked half my size in a couple of them,” she says. Rita also tried out a couple of our coverups, which appealed to her sophisticated sense of style. “You could wear them the whole afternoon at the beach and then to dinner that night — they’re that fancy,” she says.

A photographer friend of Rita’s was on hand to capture the impromptu fashion show. While the thought of donning a swimsuit and then being photographed in it is enough to send some women running for their beach towel, Rita said she enjoyed every minute of it. “My girlfriends are drop-dead gorgeous, a perfect size 8 or 10, and they would never do this” she explains. “But I thought it was fun. My figure has never stopped me from doing anything.”

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