Marsha Taylor

I Suited Up For: My Health

Marsha Taylor hits the water — and tones up

By the time Marsha Taylor retired from the Omaha public school system in December 2007, she had put in nearly 39 years of work, gained a significant amount of weight and was taking medicine to treat high blood pressure. Once she was relieved of the stress of her desk job, she was determined to reclaim her health.

By watching what she ate, Marsha managed to drop a whopping 40 pounds, but she was inspired to lose even more — which is how she found water aerobics (and swimsuitsforall). Working out in the water has proven to be perfect for Marsha. Besides being a ton of fun to do, the aquatics classes are the only exercise her bad knees can handle. Though she hasn’t lost much weight, she’s gained muscle and tone. “I’m in pants that I haven’t worn in forever,” she says. “I’m not as stiff as I was, and while I can’t walk blocks or marathons, my knees feel better.”

The five-day-a-week classes may have gotten her body back into fighting shape, but they wreaked havoc on her swimsuits. Marsha tried everything from inexpensive suits that look great but faded fast to pricier ones that frayed after a few wears.

Then she heard about swimsuitsforall and ordered a couple of ours to start. She loved how they looked, but more importantly, she was impressed by how well they held up to the rigorous 45-minute classes. It doesn’t hurt that they’re a value price, either. “swimsuitsforall has gotten to be my go-to place for great sales,” she says. “I can pick up suits for $25 or $30.”

Lucky for us, Marsha is the kind of woman who speaks her mind, and after putting our swimwear through the paces, she wrote us a complimentary note. We were so inspired by her story — and her love of our swimsuits — that we named her one of our Aquabelle Ambassadors. That means she’ll be giving us regular feedback on style, design and fit, so we can continue delivering the quality swimwear you’ve come to expect from us.

And considering that Marsha already has a drawer full of bathing suits, we think we found the right person for the job. “Some women have shoes and purses,” she explains. “I have swimming suits.”

Shop the suit Marsha is wearing now!

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