Meet Jada Sezer

Meet Jada Sezer


Jada Sezer

After graduating with a degree in psychology, Jada Sezer found herself drawn to the modeling world. She finds her work to be an expression of her own art and wants to change the idea of how larger women are portrayed. She’s walked in New York runway shows and was a featured model in the Asos Curve campaign. But how did Jada find the bravery to step into the modeling world? “I get my confidence from knowing how to dress for my shape, and knowing what flatters my body,” she says. “You can really see that when you put on a good dress or swimsuit, and you just ooze confidence.”

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  1. Brandon Norton

    I admire and praise Jada for her confidence to step into the world of modeling. I think curves on a woman are very sexy and find Jada very attractive. It is not everyday you see someone in a photo who catches your eye like Jada has done. So, I have decided to put myself out there like Jada has and invite Jada to lunch sometime in the near future. I would like to meet her and learn more about Jada and her interesting career. I know this site will have tons of men asking to meet this attractive woman. But I still think it is worth a try because you never know until to ask. I am a professional who currently works in banking and truly am interested in finding out more about Jada and would fly to meet her for lunch.
    So, you can see that I am serious and a real person my photo and profile are on Linked In and Facebook. Loved the photo shoot with the plus size models because there are people that do love the curves of a women (Especially me).

  2. mindy

    I just wanted to thank you for what you do. You and I are built pretty much the same way, and I have never seen a beautiful woman like us portrayed in this manner. It is refreshing. I see you looking so beautiful in your skin, in these pretty and sexy suits, and I think: Hey! I can look like that too! ( I used to be skinny my whole life, but I have been heavier for over 10 years now, and haven’t been comfortable in swimwear for just as long.) I am 5’9, and I weigh about 245. I am evenly proportioned–just BIG, thats all. I have some hang-ups because I dont have a rock-hard bod anymore. But you just showed me that women who are shaped like us can be sexy, and beautiful, and confident. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! :)

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