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Robyn Lawley

Model Robyn Lawley began her career at age 16. After two years of working as a conventional model, Lawley decided that the effort needed to maintain a size 6 figure wasn’t worth it and signed with a plus-size modeling agency. She’s since appeared on the international covers of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue, appeared on The Ellen Show and walked runways around the world. In 2013 Lawley decided to start a swimwear line because she could never find stylish swimsuits in her own size. “I was wearing underwear at the beach. Bras and knickers that looked like swimwear,” she explains. “I wanted to make really fashion forward, comfortable swimsuits and I set about doing that.” Making sure that her suits don’t just flatter, but also fit is important to Lawley. “One thing society can do to help ensure women feel sexy on the beach is have swimsuits that are fitting and supportive,” she says, “so they can do the activities they love, like getting in the water.” Her swimwear line is available for sale here at swimsuitsforall.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Robyn Lawley

  1. I absolutely love robyn! I don’t by any means think she’s “plus size” but rather a normal healthy human being, instead of an anorexic mess people call “skinny models”. Good for her being proud of who she is and encouraging the rest of us. Im 21 and constantly trying to compete with societies image of sexy. And like robyn ive realized I’ll never fit that, and im proud of who i am. 5’2 &130lbs might not b fashion magazine worthy, and im okay with that. Awesome to see people like robyn to bring this out in myself. Keep ur head up beautiful :)

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