Meet Shareefa J

Meet Shareefa J

Meet Shareefa J

Shareefa J

Shareefa J studied musical theatre before deciding to try her hand at modeling. She always had a passionate streak that drove her to try new things—her hobbies range from Bikram yoga to juggling—and her strong ambition and ease in the company of new people made her a natural model. Shareefa recently walked runways at the first-ever British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, though she isn’t sure how she feels about the term plus size. “I feel it’s quite ambiguous,” she says. “Does it mean plus as in extra or as in extraordinary?” That said, Shareefa easily answers how she feels about swimwear. “I like bright colors, something that fits me really nicely and shows off the best of my shape because, like most women, I try to flatter the good areas and hide the bad ones.”



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2 thoughts on “Meet Shareefa J

  1. You are so beautiful and inspiring! After my son was born I found myself with a different body. I have strech marks and loose skin as you might imagine. I’m a size ten, so technically not plus size, but I’m definitely NOT comfortable wearing a string bikini, but I don’t want to look like I’m heading to the retirement home either. The bathing suits you and the other ladies are wearing are a perfect compromise of modesty and style. Thank you for being you!

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