Moshe Laniado


Meet… Moshe Laniado, President and CEO

What’s your favorite body of water and why?
The Mediterranean Sea because of all the unique shades of blue and the way the sun reflects off the water. I also love the surrounding cultures and history.

What’s your most memorable swim story?
My whole life is essentially one big swim story — between growing up by the beach, spending summers at the shore, and building a swimsuit business, no matter when or where I am, I’m always involved with swim.

Before you worked at s4a what did you do?
In a way I was President & CEO of swimsuitsforall before there was a swimsuitsforall. I’ve essentially been training do this my whole life.

Describe what you do at s4a in one sentence:
I lead the way in delivering better swim experiences, one customer at a time.

What’s your favorite thing about working for s4a?
Our customers, our team and the shared passion that emerges between the two.

What’s in your beach tote?
I bring as little as possible to the beach (my phone, a book and some cash). My wife usually takes care of everything else.

Describe your swim style in three words:
Clean, cool and liberating.

What’s your superhero skill?
I can think like a woman (when it comes to swimwear that is….). I often can predict what will be our best sellers.

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