1. Brenetta Ingram

    I have been searching the site since late 2011 for a cruise I took in 2012 and I am headed out towards another cruise this summer and I have found that your site has the most reasonable prices as a mom on a budget but also flattering styles that accommodate many plus size woman and make you feel sexy and look just as well as slimmer women. I like that you have different styles that can be mixed and matched and great coverups. Turnaround time from order to delivery is great also. I have tried many other sites, but I always find something here. I’m glad there is a site that has such nice swimwear for me.

    • Pat

      I am a short 48 yr old with a small top and a wide bottom. I love the selection here and how it recommends how to make the best of what you have. I am hoping to find more tankini selections for short torsoed women.

  2. Rosalia Lara Zavala

    Me encantan todos los trajes de banio estan muy a la moda, me gustaria que hubieran mas de shorts y otros con transparencias, en tallas grandes empezando por la 14. gracias y con colores neon.

  3. Frances McGrath

    I have now bought 3 different types of bathers from you and have found the perfect style for my shape. I love the price and the style and have just bought my 4th pair, I will defiantly be buying more in the future!

    • Karen Doggett

      I am a mature 40yr old woman that has struggled to buy the perfect swim suit in Australia for years. I just received my first swim suit from you and have just ordered another. Reason I am OVER THE MOON with my purchase. Its the most comfortable suit I have ever worn. Believe me when I say it tucked in and covers all the bits I wanted it too. Cannot wait until my new one arrives now I can look and feel great in a swim suit anywhere. LOVE IT AND WILL RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE IN OZ. KD

  4. Jennifer

    I am a 36 I and I wish that you sold bigger sizes other than dd.

    • Brenda

      I’m with you girl, I too wish they had DDD or even a little bigger.

      • Siri

        I’m size 16 with DDD. These suits look great online, but I can’t find my size, seems these only go to dd.


        • Erica

          I had the same problem so I’ve ordered a bikini as you can get different sizes in the top and bottom which is great. Yet to recieve my order to see how well it fits.
          If only they had a range for really busty women!

          • Swim Team

            Hi Erica, we ask that you please allow up to 21 business days for orders traveling to our International customers. I see your order was shipped out on December 18, 2014. Make sure to check back for larger cup sizes in select styles coming out soon!

    • Catherine

      Voluminous women are in our family and I am looking for a cute swim suit for them. I am disappointed that you guys only go to “DD”. Can you please consider on going larger(?)

      Thank-you for your time,


      • Bridgette

        Hi Catherine,

        You may want to give this site a try, just in case. I too was thrown off by the fact that they only go up to a DD or DDD. I am a big busty woman that goes up to a G. I ordered the swimsuit in my size because in measurements it should go comfortably around my breasts. I knew the possibility that the built in cups could make it or break it, but figured it was worth ordering and trying on. If the cups were too small and made the suit uncomfortable, I could just return it. Received my swimsuit, tried it on and was extremely happy. For some reason, the cups fit perfectly and swimsuit was an absolute winner. So happy!! It’s always been extremely hard finding a swimsuit because of my bust size but now I found a site that works for me.

  5. Amy

    I am looking for a friend who wants a plus size bikini. Was glad to be able to send her a link. However, on what planet are the women in your advertisements plus sized? Plus size means 16W and up. Those women are no more than size 10, if that. How does a plus size woman see how swimwear will look if smaller sized women model them?

    • Mindy

      I agree, that has always bothered me about all places that sell plus sized clothes. Once I was told basically that if we see a smaller model in a plus size outfit or swimsuit, then we will think that’s what it will look on us so we will buy it. I guess they think we are really stupid because I know better than that and being told that really offended me!!!,

    • Swim Team

      Hi Amy, thank you for your feedback regarding our models. We assure you that all models featured on site range from a size 14 to a size 16!

  6. Lisa

    I simply type in swimsuitsforall.com; I’ve forgotten how I found you the first time a couple years ago. A few comments on styles: Not all women who wear plus sized clothes are D/DD or larger. I wear size 20 swimsuits, but am a C. Sure wish you could accommodate different cup sizes, as a too-big-in-the-chest suit just makes my girls sag (for which they don’t need more encouragement.) Next, I wish your suits had better control panels. The fabric loses it’s umph very quickly after regular wear, after which it doesn’t do its job. And why is control paneling just in the front of suits? What about bulgy backs and sides? I would like a suit with, in essence, a built-in spanx. I would have left these comments under the suits I purchased last year, but they are no longer on the site. Wish the we’re; they were really wonderful suits, albeit the too-big cups, the flimsy material, and the missing 360° tummy/side/back control panels. The styles were very flattering and the fabrics pretty.

    • s4a

      We understand your concerns. I have forwarded your comment along to our customer service department (swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com) where a specialist will be more more than happy to address these issues.

      • Lynn

        I barely fill a B cup and wear a size 22. I’m looking for a suit that the cups don’t dent and still fits

      • Chlorisa

        I too have this problem… I am a 32 and a c cup…. I had to cut the bra part of the suit out and use one of my reg bras with it!

    • Davina

      So funny I just left a comment about the same thing then saw your comment. It is very frustrating.

    • Ronnie Fox

      I feel the same way this lady feels about the suits. Need more chlorine safe suits and more lining in the suits so they keep their shape. As I sew, I have taken in the bottom half of the suits to fit after a couple of times using them. Should not have to do this, but do so I can use for my aerobic swim classes. Have many compliments on the suits and pass on the site often.

      • admin

        Hi Ronnie,

        Please check out our Aquabelle line. All of our Aquabelle suits are chlorine-resistant and made to wear for water aerobic activities.

    • shirley hubbard

      I too am at least a size 20 with a c cup. I want my suit to be all Spanz. I am almost 70years old so want the girls to be discreetly covered. I wear denim short shorts
      as the swim suit bottom with a tankini usually. I feel very attractive that way. I look
      best in a v-neck style. I plan to swim almost every day year around but at this time I
      am not able to do exercizes to improve my legs (knee replacement soon] except in the pool.
      My size 20 tankini is too large but an 18 is too small. Not bought from your site. I
      hesitate to buy clothes on-line because of sizing problems. I plan to buy my next swim-wear from you.

    • Kim

      I absolutely agree. I can’t stand having molded bra cups that can dent, simply because the CUP size is too big. Not the BUST size, but the CUP size. It’s 2 different things. Someone may be ‘Plus sized” but still not have huge breasts!

  7. Bettie Holscher

    I purchased a suit from you and at first was happy with it I tried it on and it looked really good. As wore it for the first tie to my swim class I notice the lining in the top bra part (back) was frayed and almost ready to fall apart. So I thought about it and remembered that you sold it to me at $70 below the tag price. So I thought I would just repair it myself and not even worry about it. However, as I was starting to repair it, I found a large hole and a smaller one in the front of the suit. This was a swim dress and the part that hangs down in the front is where I found it. So that took another run to the fabric store to purchase something to sew aver the holes. Needless to say, I have not worn the suit since and have purchased another one from Blair that was just perfect. Not sure what I am going to do with the one I got from you. Maybe Goodwill could sell it for another five. I do not have the time to worry about it. Just thought you would like to know that you surely should check your products out more carefully before you ship them. Not feeling comfortable buying from you again. Bettie Holscher 952-895-9039 or cell 612-432-5246.

    • s4a

      We are so sorry about all the problems you’ve had with your suit! I have forwarded your comment along to our customer service department (swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com) where a specialist will be more than happy to address this issue.

  8. Victoria

    I LOVE YOUR SITE!! As a Mom of 4 I have gained a few more “curves” then I had before. Regular store swimsuits just don’t fit like I need them to. I purchased one of your swimsuits through nomorerack and was SOOOOO excited when I received it. It fit perfectly and was even more beautifully designed then it looked on the website. I have worn it 2x already and know that I will feel confident wearing it on vacation this summer! Thank you so much for filling a need with your company!!! :)

  9. Renee

    I just bought 2 Longitude swimsuits. The were on sale at a fantastic price, arrived to my home quickly and fit beautifully.
    The selection on swimsuitsforall is great. I am a larger woman; 5’10” tall and wear a size 16 or 18. I am going on a cruise in May and love these suits so much, I am about to order 2 more Longitude suits!

  10. Rebeca L.

    Finally a site that offers a wide range of swimwear for all body types and all at affordable prices. Unbelievable!
    And they are constantly updating and adding new suits to their collections. Great job Swinsuitsforall.com.

    I wish you offered more solid prints, maybe some fun neon colors, and more suits with fun cut outs, mesh accents, etc.
    Thank you for the well constructed suits!

  11. Ellen Nash

    Why don`t swimsuit manufactures put bra`s in swimsuits?
    For years I have tried to buy a suit with a bra,because
    I am a size 42 dd, and they are not available. I have a suit
    that I can wear a bra under, but you cannot even find those suits.
    Because I am a size 1X, I would like to find a suit that flatters, with firm control, all over the body. Why not make suits to flatter all bodies, not just the good bodies.

      • Shannon

        Underwire is great but when you need an underwire for support you usually don’t want such a low Vneck and narrow shoulder straps. Larger women want good support and not skimpy coverage to hang out of.
        I do appreciate this place to let you know what we need, I hope you read this and will let us know when you have new styles from your customers suggestions.

  12. Kelsey

    I LOVE swimsuitsforall.com!!! Shipping was super fast and my bikini is amazing! I haven’t worn a bikini in years, feeling too insecure to show my plus size body. But your suit fit me so well and made me feel sexy, I couldn’t take it off for hours! I do wish you sold more bikinis separately, because I bought one high-waisted bottom that I’d love to pair with the cute tops of other bikinis on the site without having to buy more bottoms. I also wish the bust sizes went up higher. They work for my body, but I have friends and family members who would be out of luck. You can’t really say “swimsuits for all” if you’re leaving out women with bigger than average busts, right? BUT I love the site, and will continue to recommend it and shop here. Thanks!

  13. Katie

    This site should really be “swimsuits for some.” While I applaud the effort to provide suits for plus-size women, it makes no sense to not accommodate different cup sizes. I’m a 36DD and I ordered a 14 hoping that it would fit despite the whole “14/16 fits C/D cup” and, not shockingly, it didn’t work. Its very disheartening to be unable to find a suit that works, especially when buying from a website that claims to have swimsuits for everyone. (Also, to respond to a swimsuitsforall response above, it really isn’t helpful to have underwire suits if they aren’t BRA SIZED. Seriously, do you not understand how boobs work?)

    • Heidi

      YES! I am very confused by the non bra sizing, makes zero sense. As a very difficult to fit 36G, bikini tops in sizes like 14, 16 & 22 are not helpful at all. did a man come up with this site?

    • Christine

      I’m glad someone else said this! I came here from Upworthy, but I’m not finding this site very uplifting. I wear a 36 L (European sizing) bra, so this whole “up to D/DD” thing is just not useful. I am extremely disappointed. :(

  14. Karen Kopec

    I have bought three suits from you. I am tired of throwing them into the trash after 4 months or so! The material at the back of the suit stretches and thins. The suit then becomes embarrassing to wear as too much unbecoming anatomy appears…if you catch my drift. I wish these suit manufacturers would have an extra layer of spandex or stretchy material in the back to prevent this from happening. Inexpensive suits become very expensive if you get only 4 months wear out of them. I am in a aqua exercise class 4 days a week…that is why I need a good hard wearing suit. And I always wash my suit gently in cool water and never put them in the dryer.

  15. Amanda

    I happened upon swimsuitsforall.com while doing a Google search. I have to say that I was very impressed by the selection and price. After reading the descriptions of the swimsuits, they seem to be very good quality. However, as much as I would like to order, I will not. The reason is the return policy. I cannot risk ordering anything for which I will not receive a refund. Store credit is not acceptable, especially on a product I only order once a year or less. This is very disappointing to me because there were several swimsuits I was interested in, but I’ll keep looking on other sites. Hopefully I’ll find something I like just as well.

    • admin

      Hi Amanda,

      We do accept a refund onto your original form of payment within 60 days of purchase.


      Return for refund on your credit card:

      If you would like a refund on your credit card, you must use your own method of shipping. Return your unwanted item(s) within 60 days from the date you received your order. You will be refunded in the dollar amount of your returned item(s) only, (This does not include your original shipping and handling fees). Please allow up to 48 hours for your refund to process and 15 days for it to post to your credit card after we have received your return. Your refund will be applied to the original form of payment.

      Pack the item(s) with the return information form:

      Mail directly to:
      10300 Sanden Drive
      Suite 100
      Dallas, Texas 75238

      All returned products must be in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, with original tags and the panty protective strip intact. No refund will be issued for products that do not meet these criteria.

      Please include your completely filled out return information form in your return box or the refund process may be delayed.

      Returns lost or damaged in transit are the responsibility of the customer, so be sure to keep a record of your tracking number as a reference. You can track your return by entering the tracking number at fedex.com.

      All customers will receive an email notification when their return has been received. If you have a registered account with us, sign in at Account to see if your return has been processed.

      If you feel that an item in your order was defective and would like a refund, simply fill out the reason code as “Defective” on the return information form and use the return shipping label provided. This is an essential step to ensure you receive free return shipping. You will be refunded in the dollar amount of your return item(s), including your original shipping and handling fees. Please allow up to 48 hours for your refund to process and 15 days for it to post to your credit card after we have received your return. Your refund will be applied to the original form of payment.

      Exchange for the Right Item and Get Free 2-Way Shipping

      If your first choice isn’t quite right we will exchange it without missing a beat.

      You can return unwanted merchandise for store credit, and simply place a new order once the store credit appears in your account. Please refer to the Returns section for full details.

      For quick shipment of replacement item(s), please follow the easy steps below:

      Place your new order online at swimsuitsforall.com.
      Use coupon code EXSHIP to receive free ground shipping for your new order.
      To return the item(s) you would like to exchange, email help@swimsuitsforall.com or call toll-free 1.888.241.SWIM (7946) to provide us with your order number. We will email you a return label which you can use to send back your return for FREE. Simply fill in your new exchange order number in the space provided on the return information form to ensure you receive free return shipping.
      You will be refunded in the dollar amount of returned item(s) only. This does not include your original shipping and handling fees. Please allow up to 48 hours for your refund to process and 15 days for it to post to your credit card after we have received your return. Your refund will be applied to the original form of payment.

      All returned products must be in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, with original tags and the panty protective strip intact. No refund or store credit will be issued for products that do not meet these criteria.

      Please include your completely filled out return information form in your return box or the refund or store credit process may be delayed.

      Returns lost or damaged in transit are the responsibility of the customer so be sure to keep a record of your tracking number as a reference. If you used the label provided, you can track your return by entering the tracking number at fedex.com.

      All customers will receive an email notification when their return has been received. If you have a registered account with us, with us, sign in at Account to see if your return has been processed.

  16. Michelle

    I ordered from SwimsuitsForAll many years ago, and those 4 bathingsuits lasted more than 8 years! Well, this year I treated myself to 3 new swimsuits from your site and they are the most flattering suites I could have ever imagined!! Thank you for helping me look my best when my body ISN’T at its best! The quality and workmanship of your suits if fabulous. Thank you again and again!

  17. jennie arthur

    I like the style and good quality..however..I ordered too big a size expecting them to run small..but they didn’t so I had to return.

  18. Joan Pflug

    I have ordered and received several suits from your website. But recently, the daily e-mail advertisements will not open on my computer. I try to click on them and get just empty frames. I couldn’t order if I wanted to. Any clues why?

  19. Ruth

    Love Swimsuitsforalll! First time I have ordered a suit online and it was a GREAT experience! My suits came quick and both fit great. I will be ordering again!

  20. Lori McGrath

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I fits like a glove it makes me feel skinny. My only concern is that I am hoping it holds up. It doesn’t feel like I will have it for years which is sad because I LOVE IT. -Lori

  21. vickie

    I like that you have underwire suits but I wish that you also had underwire high neck suits. I wear one breast form and the underwire would hold up the pinned form better than a regular cup.

  22. Melissa

    Your site is not mobile device compatible! I do a lot of online shopping while away from home and cannot keep the items in my cart! Every time it go to checkout it deletes all but one item. If I select each item again and add to cart the quantity is doubled the other items are there again! Very frustrating and inconvenient I wanted to order 4 suits and 2 coverups but each time it does this and I have lost my patience! Plus your coupons are misleading, I know it says exclusions apply but the sale states “Everything $28.99 or less” I have several emails with coupon codes you have sent me this week but those appear to be another issue with your site, they will not apply to my whole order when I apply one it again deletes everything but one coverup in my cart.

    • s4a

      We apologize about this. I have passed along your issue to our customer service department where one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. If you need to reach this department for anything else, please contact swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com

  23. Penny

    I stumbled across this site looking for swimsuits. My Mom was about to order a suit from QVC & I started to order one at the same time but the suit was over $100.00. I didn’t want to spend that much on a suit. When I found this site, I ordered one and I’m so glad I did. I ordered according to their size chart & the suit fit perfect. I have to say I am impressed with the quality of the suit. I put it on and took a picture & sent it to my Mom. She received her suit she had ordered from QVC and she returned it and is ordering one from this site. I have already ordered another suit and a pair of boy short swim bottoms. We are going to Gulf Shores next weekend and I am so happy to have these suits to wear on the beach. The other females going all wear itty bitty bikinis and I don’t feel comfortable wearing those but these suits look slimming without making me look like I’m wearing a granny swimsuit!

  24. MaryAnn Hill

    Finally, after years of searching for a swimsuit that is not only attractive but, makes me feel attractive as well. Thank you swimsuits for all. I no longer have to settle for the best of the worst swimsuits available to someone with my body type and weight. I feel good and look good in the swimsuits that I purchased from your website. I love the variety of separates available. The tops are long enough to cover my tummy and the bike shorts look so cute with the top. I’ll be a customer for years to come.

  25. Pcess

    Please start using plus sized models to show your plus sized swimwear. I want to see what a bathing suit will look on someone with my body….not a model’s body. PLEASE!

    • Cc

      I second this. I love the video with gabbifresh. I tried to find out which suits she was featured in as she is MY size. Unfortunately none of the models are as plus sized as she and I are. It makes it hard to guess on size. Gabbi looks great and I want to too. Thanks.

    • Peachie

      I totally agree with you about using plus size models on plus size sites and if they used a model who are under a size 10/12 which is also considered plus sized they should have it stated somewhere on each photo because it is misleading. I am a 10/12 and I think it is ridiculous to let the industry keep telling real women that a size 6-10/12 is considered plus size. This should be stopped and the only one that can stop it is the companies who keep taking it from these designers and manufactures when it comes to clothes and shoes. We are the consumers and we keep saying this is not realistic but yet it keeps happening. Something is wrong here…

  26. Krystal Moses

    I have yet to order from you guys because I am very concerned about fitting.. I wear a dress size 14 with the occasional 16 depending on brand,style etc. I took my measurements and I fall mostly in your size 14 swimsuits (my chest was 16 but everything else was 14). BUT, I have DD boobs which is too big for your 14s and even 16 swimsuits. I don’t want to buy one where by chest will fall out but I don’t want to go bigger and its huge everywhere else.

  27. Patsy Taylor

    I ordered two suits when trying to send a reply to your e-mail about how I liked the suits. Only one I could fill out. Just to let you know I loved both of the suits. Next time will order a smaller size.
    I do water exercises and yoga in the pool.

  28. Baronessvont

    I love the selections, colours and styles. The fit is great – however my only criticism is that not all of us wearing a size 22/24 need a big cup size. I am 5’9″ tall and wear a size B/C cup and find that the cups are terribly big and when wet then mould out of shape because I’m not big enough to fill them. Will you be bringing out a Longitude range without cups?

  29. Geraldine Bond

    I have looked and looked for a swim dress for so long I almost gave up. I came across swimsuitsforall and found the perfect suit for a Mothers Day gift, which my Son, his wife and kids got for me. The fit is perfect and the colors are wonderful. There was on time delivery and the price was right!!!!!!!!!!!! :) One very Happy Customer :) :)

  30. Carrie

    I love Swimsuitsforall. This is the first time I bought a swim suit that it fits me great! I love it! I ordered online and got my items quickly and on time. I was satisfied!

  31. Stacey Gislason

    I ordered 2 regular size blousons and I just received them and I love them. They fit perfect. I have shared with all my friends at work and away from work. I will order again really soon as we own a condo in Mexico and spend alot of time there! Thanks!

  32. Nikki

    The bathing suits are of good quality, however trying to find the right size has been a little difficult. I am now on my third return and purchase. My only complaint is that I have to buy a new suit in order to return the one that does not fit. Credits are processed in a timely manner, but as of right now I am waiting for two refunds and I need to purchase a replacement. See how this can get a little expensive at first. There must be an easier way.

  33. lisa kelly

    I was very excited I found this site and told many friends, and people I have met in stores – NOW TODAY I am VERY Sorry I recommended SWISUITFORALL to anyone – I learn today that returns take about 5 weeks for a refund – so when you order they take our funds immediately – It takes them about 3 weeks for there warehouse to enter returns and then 3/5 business days for refund WHY WHY- wouldn’t the CREDIT go back on account once it is check in warehouse – I will make sure everyone is aware – in this day an age 5 week refunds is just bad business – if this is there business practice then it should be stated on your wed site – I am just extremely upset – I needed to order more bathing suits – I would think twice before ordering –

  34. Melinda

    I recently purchased the Marylin Monroe convertible Fuchsia swimsuit. The suit is beautiful except for a BIG problem. It is a Fusia color but the breast interchangeable pads are blue. When the suit is DRY the blue pads show through the fuchsia material. But when it is WET they really look horrible! The pads should be white or pink. But blue? Why would you even consider putting blue breast pads in this swimsuit? Now, I am stuck with a Fuchsia swimsuit with blue pads that should have been white or pink. It looks horrible!

  35. Melanie

    I would love to buy a number of these suits, but I am looking at the sizing guide and I am super disappointed. I am a busty girl. So therefore, I need support for the girls, if you know what I mean. And the largest cupsize is DD? I am larger than that in the chest area and I don’t want to keep popping out because my girls don’t fit.

  36. Meredith Jones

    I see that you are still listed towards the top of google’s “masectomy swimwear” site. You were the first site I went to following my breast removal when I was well enough to begin pool exercising and was planning to take a swimsuit on an upcoming trip. The swimsuits arrived after the promised delivery of 10 days and after I left on my trip, a great dissapointment. Additionally, the swimsuits that were advertised as having pockets (for breast forms)had none. To top it all off, I had no idea that all your swimwear, even swimsuits not advertised as such, were women’s sizes and not misses. I’m still stuck with the merchandise because, at the time I was still very sensitive to my condition and too embarrassed to send the things I purchased back to you.

    Searching again now for swimwear, it makes me very angry to see your company called “swimsuits for all” when you don’t even carry misses sizes and even go as far as advertising yourself as carrying masectomy swimwear when you obviously don’t even know what a “pocket” is. Please be professional enough to remove yourself from web search sites that are misleading to those of us women who have been confronted with the demeaning results of breast cancer. It would even be better if you changed your website to “swimsuits for the endowed” rather than continue to have misleading advertising.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to vent.

  37. Jessica

    I am not plus sized but I recently had my first child and needed a bathing suit that would fit my “real” body. My mom turned me on to your site and I have since referred my other mom friends here. We love the styles, the comfort and practicality all while not looking like we are wearing “mom” bathing suits! That being said, do you plan on getting the Aquabelle Confetti bathing suit in more sizes? Like size 10 or 12? Thanks!

  38. Carol Watkins

    I was so pleased to find the Longitude line on your website! I know this company and how the suits fit. Swimming nearly every day during the summer months is hard on a suit — so I am careful to rinse out the chlorine . . . my suits are now 7 years old and are finally being retired. I was very excited to find not only a good price, but with the sale, a GREAT price!!!!

  39. kim lorenz

    This is the first time I have ordered from you, just found your website 3 weeks ago. Suits arrived in good time, was very happy with the product. Intend to order again. Returned two pieces only because of size. Thanks love your suits.

  40. Stacey

    I really love your bikinis and the fact that you select more interesting and unusual and trendy fabrics each year. Every time I come here I want to buy something but I still think there is room for improvement. For instance, I recently purchased the nala midkini by Gabifresh and I’ve noticed that in the photoshoot pictures, she is wearing different, thicker bra straps. In the video for the calendar, she is also wearing thicker straps with the black two piece. I think that is something that should be applied to all the swimsuits because I have a heavier chest. Many of us have heavier breasts that require more support.

  41. Cathy Collins

    Do not understand why you took the size bar off your site. I do not like to have to search if you have a suit in my size by looking through every suit!

  42. Reba

    OMG; I ordered 6 pieces from “swimsuitsforall” and thought for sure that I’d be returning at least 1/2 of them as I always have to when ordering online; cause I’m overweight and have a hard time finding clothes to fit me.

    Every single piece I bought fit me; and to top it off … they are figure flattering and really gorgeous suits; not ugly old lady styles that most overweight people have to buy just to fit them.

    I took my measurements and purchased my sizes based on the “swimsuitsforall” sizing charts; I paid careful attention to ensure the my largest problem areas matched the size I bought and that the style was flared; and I just can’t believe how amazing they look.

    The dress style suits are so slimming; I almost forget I’m fat! LOL

  43. Anonymous

    First ordering from your website and enjoyed the variety of swimsuit you all offer and the style. However, your return and exchange process is confusing. With most companies when your order online, on the back on the order form there’s a place where fill out the information and tell they the issue with the product and what size you need to exchange for. With swimsuits for all, you have to send the entire suit bake and reorder for the correct size, I feel that is too much. When I can simply return the item and ask for a bigger/smaller size without having to go through the whole process of reordering it.

  44. Anonymous

    The return and exchange process is confusing. I shouldn’t have to reorder the swimsuit just to exchange it a bigger/smaller size and not guarantee the repurchase the swimsuit at the price I paid for it. You should have where it can sent it for an exchange and be sent back.

  45. Eve Rifkah

    I purchased 2 Aquabelle swimsuits – supposedly chlorine resistant. The first lasted 3 weeks, the second lasted 2 months when the fabric on the back of the suit fell apart.
    These suits do not live up to the claims of being chlorine resistant.

  46. Kat

    I was so excited when I found your website so imagine my surprise when I found that your swim suites only go up to a DD! Can you please carry more swimsuits that reflect a women’s plus size body if that is your goal? I think its pretty reasonable to assume that someone “plus size” would need a larger size than a D/DD and more support! If I missed this section, please let me know.

  47. Heidi

    At first I was excited to find your website, thinking there would be a greater range of sizes. I wear a size 12 pant, but I wear a 36G bra, and according to your size charts you don’t sell any bathing suits that would work for me, as your largest cup size for a 36 is a C. Not only are your suits listed in dress sizes, even your separates aren’t sized to fit anyone over a DD, and your ribcage measurement for DD starts at 40. Very, very disappointed in your false advertising.

  48. Emily


    I commend you on your beautiful swimwear but as I searched for a bikini I was devastated to see you don’t stock a size 10 for D/DD cups. I can understand you’re trying to appeal to a wider market but i’m thoroughly disappointed after your marketing to ‘all sizes’. Are there any styles I might of missed that may fit me? Realistically I’m a 10E cup size and find it really difficult as I’m sure a lot of girls do to find a bikini that feels comfortable.

  49. Alice

    I love the look of your swimwear, but I’m not finding anything that would fit. Depending on the maker, I’m between a 22 and 32, but I only have a b/c cup size. It appears that all the suits big enough to fit me, have DD cups, and that’s way to big for my chest. It would be nice to have a smaller cup size option.

  50. Heidi Reckel

    You finally are showing some real sized women in your photo shoots but your products are still excluding us!

    You are *still* neglecting the top heavy ladies in our search for beautiful swimwear.

    Only up to a DD cup? Seriously? Why not anything more? I’m a G cup, so nothing you carry will fit. :(

  51. Martine

    Hi! I love your clothes, I just wish you accommodated bigger cup sizes. I’m a size 14/16 yet I wear a G/H cup so I’m no where near fitting your “swim suits for all”. It’s already hard enough as it is to find a bathing suit being bigger than average, then I somehow don’t even fall into the plus size category. It’s no fun. misleading website name.

  52. Chasity

    I came across this site while reading articles on Yahoo!, and after browsing for a bit, I felt compelled to leave a comment. I am not a plus size, but I do struggle with body image issues, especially when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. To all of the women that sent in photos to this blog, thank you. Seeing so many of you beautiful ladies looking confident and embracing your bodies really is an inspiration to those of us that aren’t yet able to love our bodies and be comfortable in them. I think you all really do look great, and seriously sexy in most cases. Keep strutting your stuff ladies, you are inspiring.

  53. Jennifer Gonzalez

    I am a size 14, DD bra size and I am a bit surprised that none of the suits in size 14 go over a C/D. Plus size women come in all sizes including their bust which is normally the #1 body part that increases in size when you have weight.

  54. Britt

    I love the idea of this website, but the customer service has been a spectacular failure at every level. I haven’t even gotten what I ordered. Part of the order was cancelled without any warning, rhyme or reason – on what planet does sending only HALF of a bikini set make any sense?? – and now customer service will not respond to any of my follow-up requests, which means a lengthy and frustrating process to dispute the charge on my credit card. I was sent a link to this site because they had products that would fit my pear-shaped body and some great sale prices, but now I’m really, really regretting my decision to take a chance on this site. I want my money and time back!

  55. Meg W

    Hi – I love the look of your swimsuits, especially the bikinis which allow for extra stomach coverage while still being a bikini. I wish you went up to a size 26 though rather than just a 24. Even in some of the prettier one piece suits, it would be great to have the larger sizes in them as well as some of the smaller sizes. While it isn’t necessarily “the norm” to be up to a 22/24, there are a LOT more choices for that crowd than those of us who are 26 and up. Your site/shop is definitely a step in the right direction but maybe one more step please? Thank you!

  56. Terri Fizzell

    Found this site over a year ago and have bought 2 swimsuits and love them both. It’s very hard to find a modern and trendy swimsuit in Plus sizes but swimsuitsforall have such a massive variety and great sizing. Will buy again in the future. Best Plus Size Swimwear site I have come across.

  57. Dorothy Horgan

    My sister told me about Coral Reef bathing suit separates. When looking on line it took me to your site. I was so excited to see all the great choices you had. Had a little trouble figuring out what size, and ordered a size too large on both the tops and bottoms. No trouble returning them for a refund, and reorder the right size. Easy as pie.
    My one complaint would be that the cup sizes do not go up high enough, and the ones without adjustable straps have to be taken up. I am large busted, and need more support than I feel these give me. The swim dress was cute, but bottom part is too big, and the arm holes go down too far. I do not have large arms, and wear a 12 bottom, but a 20 top. You see my problem? A triple D cup would help with a little more support please.

  58. Martha

    I do water aerobics at least 3 times a week. I have bought numerous swimsuits from this site,I have been very pleased with the customer service and the suits. If the suit doesn’t fit they are quick to credit my account so I can get one that does. I had a suit that came undone due to a sewing error, which they promptly replaced.The group I workout with have come to acquire their suits from this site also.I made some little cards with the website and phone number because I found it easier to just hand them a card as opposed to helping them find a suit for their needs.I think you’ll be pleased when you purchase from here the sales are good I only wish you could use 2 coupons 1 for discount and 1 for free shipping!

  59. Carrie

    I was so happy when I read about this website, hoping you might have something that would fit me. And the swimsuits look great and are so much cheaper than I expected. But there’s nothing that would fit my chest. I’m a 36F and it is completely impossible to find a swimsuit that fits a F cup, whether it’s plus size or regular size – believe me, I’ve looked everywhere! If I could find a swimsuit that had a high neck and high back I’d probably just give up and wear a bra underneath. Going braless is NOT an option for anyone with natural F cups, and the sort of swimsuits that have a shelf bra or underwired cups with no tight strap around the back are laughably useless.

    Please PLEASE stock cup-sized swimsuits and make your site searchable by cup size in addition to swimsuit size. I see from the other responses that smaller cups are also in demand. It seems like all your suits are designed on the assumption that all plus size women are C, D, or DD and that’s just silly. Some are smaller and some are way bigger.

  60. Steve

    I have bought 3 of your Longitude high neck swimsuits for my girlfriend and she loves everything about them.

    I am writing about your new Longitude style # 2613. The description says the larger sizes have a keyhole back with a hook across the top, and the smaller sizes have a scoop back.

    This is exactly opposite of the other Longitude high neck ones I have purchased. She wears a size 10, and prefers the keyhole back to the scoop back.

    Since I am ordering from Canada, it is a big hassle if the wrong thing arrives, and I have to return it. Can you maybe grab one, size 10, open the bag, and actually see what style the back is .. or check in some other way?

    It will mean a sale (or not), and a already satisfied customer once more telling her friends about S4A.

    • admin

      Hi Steve, we apologize about this. I spoke with both our merchandising and customer service teams who verified that our site is not correct for this item. The missy sizes (8-16) are the key hole back while the plus sizes (18-34) have the scoop neck back. We are waiting for this information to be updated on our site.

  61. CQ

    As a petite woman, I have trouble finding a one-piece suit that comes in my size. For some reason all the cute one-pieces tend to be plus-sizes. I heard about this website and assumed that “swimsuits for all” would be a body-positive place and wouldn’t limit my selection based on my size. I figured they would have swimsuits for all women (the name outright says so, after all). I couldn’t have been more wrong! Nothing near my size is on offer. I am so so disappointed. Wow, the name of the company is misleading!

  62. Leslie Howell

    Thank you for offering sexy, flattering, stylish plus size swimwear. These suits simpy can’t be found in stores. S4A is now my only go to for swimwear !

  63. Kelleen

    I purchased a two piece and I was very worried about it. I got it today and I tried it on. I can’t wait to be on the beach with this. I am TOTALLY satisfied. I am definitely going to just shop here for swimsuits from now on.

  64. S.McKenna

    I have been trying to pull up your site for several weeks. Whenever I get an email from Swimsuitsforall.com I try to open and the site opens but nothing else becomes available. Just a blank page until the bottom. When I tried to leave a comment it again went blank. Thanks .

  65. Christy in Philly

    I don’t know how I found you, several years back! I swim year-round, so I was looking for a lap suit that fit me (24w; 42dd) and wasn’t ugly. I might have searched “plus size lap suit” or “plus size athletic swim suit” or some variation thereof.

    And, since everyone else is giving their opinions…
    I’m happy with the suits I’ve bought from you – they’re cute and they’ve lasted a long time! I do have a few complaints, though.
    -The website is annoying to navigate (too many pushy pop-ups!)
    -why don’t you have plus size models for plus size suits? (though there have been improvements made on this front)
    -why do so many of your suits have tummy-concealing mesh? (there’s no mesh that will conceal this amount of fat, I promise! Besides, they’re uncomfortable)

    Overall, good job though! Thanks :)

  66. Jennifer

    I am just so thrilled that you have such beautiful swimwear for curvy women. I am a size 12…it is very hard to find a sexy suit that flatters my figure, but you have done it! I no longer feel awkward wearing my swimsuit. Thanks so much. I just purchased one of the high waist bikinis. I love how it flatters and shapes my body. I just love it. Thanks for making me feel beautiful. I will most definitely be buying another suit from you!!! :)

  67. Lisa Lawrence

    Cori H. made my shopping experience so pleasurable and professional. She was thoughtful, kind and so helpful. It’s people like Cori that will make me a return customer. I cannot wait to get my new swimsuit and thank you for employing people who make a difference. Will be spreading the word to others!!! Very Happy!! Lisa L.

  68. Charlotte

    This line of swimsuits is such a good idea ! Why not make it available in Europe/Euros(€) ? It seems a shame that all us European plus sizes miss out on this fantastic line of beachwear !

  69. Davina

    I was so excited to find this site UNTIL I realized…you are only catering to the smaller chested. I am a size 20 but I have a larger chest. Nothing on your site will fit. Normally larger women have larger breasts. Very dissapointing.

  70. Sarah

    I am a 40DDD, and thought that you would have a suit to fit me since social media is all buzzing about your Sports Illustrated re – make shoot, however that is not the case and extremely disappointing. How can you say that you have a “suit for every shape” when you don’t have suits for women with larger than D/DD breasts? It’s almost like false advertising. What do you have against women with large breasts? You can’t be claiming to fight against unrealistic body images in the media, but not prove it where it counts. http://Www.barenecessities.com sells extended cup sizes ladies! Maybe someday Swimsuits for All will actually live up to their name. For now it’s “Swimsuits for All With a Cup Size of DD Or Smaller”

  71. Devon

    I got really excited when I saw your video and decided to check out your site. I have a terrible time trying to find swim tops because I’m busty (32G), but I’m not plus size. I really really wish that you would carry some swim tops that fit woman that that have a little bit more on top. It’s terrible trying to find a top that I can fit into where the cup and the band actually fit and also don’t kill my neck (most end up being halter’s and I hate it). Right now I’m stuck with ordering from Bravissimo which is overseas so I have to deal with currency conversion and high shipping.

    I like the idea of your site and I really hope it eventually becomes swimsuits for all :)


  72. Gladys A.

    Finally, swimsuits that celebrate my curves, with real size women as models! By viewing the swimwear on curvaceous bodies like mine own, I get a realistic idea of how the items will look on me. Love it!

  73. Nicole

    I think this company is really great,however I feel like I’m still between sizes according to the size charts. It’s really hard for me to find swimwear that I don’t spill out of. Its really hard to find any clothing that fits both my body and my bust. I’m a size 38 DD, so if i go with a size 10 (or medium in some stores) it fits my body but not my boobs. If I go bigger it fits my boobs but not my body. So I feel like it would be really hard for me to choose a size if i were to order a swimsuit :(

  74. bevan

    Hi- Love your suits but the only issue for me is that I am smalled busted- A/B with plus size body. Anything for me?

  75. E. Alexander

    OK, Does anyone else have horrible thighs that need to be covered up with something like a spandex bicycle short that is really well constructed and pulls all that tissue in? I had gastric bypass surgery, and I have lumpy, bumpy hangy thighs. I had abdominal plastic surgery, but my insurance won’t cover my thighs. No one offers this type of short to go with a separate top. I would not mind a form fitting top if I could get a shorts bottom like that to hide and pull in my thighs.

  76. Summer

    I absolutely love this website. You all have done a wonderful job. I am preportionatly plus suze and i looke like a 22-24 but in reality i am a 28 and I am looking for a bikini. Unfortunately none of them come in my size, so all i can do is window shop, which makes me sad. Please consider making the bikinis available in bigger sizes than what you have. If it is the cost of making it, I personally don’t have a problem paying a little extra for a well made underwire bikini that makes me feel good. Since no one has what I’m looking for I have to resort to reconstructing my one pieces. I’m will remain hopeful and keep checking the site. Thank you for listening to my rant :]

  77. Dianna

    I found out about your company via yahoo. I had just gone the week before to buy a new suit and was extremely unhappy with the results. I am a size 18… I ordered the sexy cherry bikini with the high waist and I am thrilled. Everything fits, I feel great and it looks good. Thank you for realizing just because we aren’t a standard size we can still be sexy. I will be ordering more suits, I live in Florida so I am in the pool or at the beach often.

    thank you so much

  78. 75smom

    While I am not a plus size, I am large chested and curvy in my older age of 58! I’m thrilled with my suits. They fit perfect and I think the choices for me are age appropriate. I like that they are not skin tight and not short waisted. I also like that we are able to buy separates, who needs multiple black bottoms! I will definitely be purchasing more and have recommended this site to my girlfriends. Couldn’t be happier with the quality.

  79. Nancy

    I started purchasing from your website a month ago. I purchased a bathing suit which I love! :))
    I am 5’3 and I wish your website would show pants and dress length in inches.
    I already had to return 2 cute maxi dresses due to them being too long :(
    I want to buy some cover up pants, and would love to know please which is the length of the Vogue Nassau Plus Size Mesh Pants and the Black Plus Size Popcorn Pants. Thank you so much in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

  80. Anita Goza

    I won’t buy my swimsuits anywhere else. I have worn as large as a size 30 and am now in a size 14. You always have the right suit top for me. One suggestion I would make is to offer more bottoms as separates in lots of colors. Since I have lost weight, I need to wear a pair of tight shorts with a 5 inch inseam to cover my loose skin but I wanted a color to match my top and had to resort to getting the bottoms at Amazon.

  81. Debra Lewis

    I was impressed with the variety of colors and styles of suits. I received my two piece suit and the top had a hole in the bra section of the suit. Also the top was too large. When I tried to reorder and return, I was disappointed to find that it would cost me $2.10 more for the same suit. I made a phone call and was told that the company does not make even exchanges. I paid the return postage and decided I would shop the local stores for a suit.

  82. Brenda

    Wish you had bust size DDD or larger. Love your site and prices.

  83. Jazzy J from NC

    I saw this website on instagram showcases beautiful plus sized women in two pieces. The picture caught my eye because they girls looked confident posing in their wonderfully colorful couture. So I decided I would give Swimsuitsforall a chance and buy a suit for my upcoming trip to Miami. I purchased the Longitude Twister Plus Size High Neck Swimsuit in a 24. I normally wear a 24/26 and so I was skeptical about the fit, but I had faith in this website’s sizing. My purchase just arrived and I am sitting at my kitchen table…..wearing my swimsuit! I love the fit, the color, the design, the fabric. It is simply the best swimsuit I have ever had!! I could not even wait until I left for my trip to semi-break it in. I can’t wait to show it off on the beach. I will be posting a pic of my swimsuit when I get to Miami and I will tag it so you all can see it on instagram. Seriously, if you are a plus size woman and you are looking for something that is flattering and fashion forward, you need to purchase from swimsuitsforall. Happy Shopping!

  84. Rae

    I don’t consider myself a plus size at a 10 but I am over 50!! I gave these suits a try after signing up for aqua aerobics classes because of OA in my knees and needing suits that were more chlorine resistant. I am amazed!! I ordered 2 from the clearance section, Aquabelle keyhole high neck & pink flare and am very, very happy with how they fit, no riding up over my butt & the front with the mesh panel sucks everything in. I was a little nervous as to the fit of the cup size because I am a 36B But not to worry. The price was the reason I ordered them, the quality and fit will be the reason I reorder them.. Very glad I stumbled upon your site! Now to go work up a sweat in the pool. Thanks swimsuitsforall!!

  85. Rae

    Love my 2 “new” suits, I received my aquabelle black keyhole high neck & the pink flare in less than a week. I just started aqua aerobics classes cuz of OA of the knees and needed chlorine resistant suits. I’m a size 10 ,36 B, 55 yrs didn’t expect to fit in a “plus” size suit, but yeah know I’m pretty happy with these. They are fantastically made, very slimming and they don’t ride up your butt. I bought them on clearance because of the resistance thing but will be buying them in the future because of the fit and the quality.

  86. alicia gillett

    I have now purchased 2 swim dresses from you, I loved the first one so much and recieved so many comments and compliments i brought another one. The material is beautiful and the fit is amazing. I also purchased a halter dress cant wait to wear it in summer

  87. Linda Carlson

    I love my suit, it is true to size. And it fits great. I am going to purchase another one soon. Wish you had more bottom colors. I always buy separates. Thanks

  88. RJ

    I hope you get more of a selection in the size 26 inventory at some point.

  89. JMochaCat

    I’d like to add my voice to the requests for more cup sizing. I wear a 40DD and went for an 18 top (which, fortunately, has 3 back hook settings) because the 16 says C/D and that’s just not going to work for the girls. Otherwise, I’m delighted to add s4a to my shopping bookmarks. My my usual go-tos for swimsuits were just full of meh this year (with the occasional detour to ick — Holstein print on a fat broad swimsuit? tiers? srsly?) and a friend of mine sent me a link to the suit she bought from y’all. I looked around, the site, saw the galaxy print (aka Bikini of Galactic Awesomeness), and voila: my first bikini in over a decade.

  90. Gehanne

    I love my this website!!! the swimsuit are gorgeous and very affordable!
    Am happy I found S4A because I was seriously struggling to find a swimsuit. Every store I went they did not have what I was looking for or anything that fit me.

  91. Sarah H

    I ordered two suits. One wasn’t quite right and one makes me look like a water goddess. I have returned the not quite right suit and I would love for my store credit to appear because I’m so excited to shop again….but it’s been over two weeks! I wish the return process was a little quicker.

  92. Sarah H

    I ordered two suits. One wasn’t quite right and one makes me look like a water goddess. I returned the not quite right one. I’m looking forward to the store credit appearing in my account so I can shop again…but it’s been over two weeks since I mailed the return! That process could be a little quicker.

  93. Adriana

    As someone with curves but a small bust, I don’t find that this site really has “swim suits for all”, Even in the sizing section, the smallest cup size is C. I really wish I could find a bathing suit that complements my shape and makes me feel sexy and confident (because that has never happened to me in a bathing suit in my entire life), and I was really hoping that I’d find that here. Please expand your line! I would love to purchase a bathing suit from you!!

  94. Anne

    I was somewhat reluctant to buy another swimsuit on-line, but when I got my pakage and opened it I was very impressed. The color and styling was great but the mist amazing part was when I tried it on and it fit and it looked great on as well!!!! Thank you for giving us fuller figure women something we can wear that is very cute and hip and most of all is fun to wear.


  95. Sharon

    I want to find tops that are 40ddd or e or f. Please fix your website to find exact sizes. I am burned out going through pages of suits. Thanks!

  96. Vicki Terrell

    Hello, I have received numerous emails from you…I was getting them at first and viewing your swimsuits…I would like to order a couple of them, but now when I receive your emails, I cannot see the images when I click to where I want to view..When you send me the emails, it has images, but when I click to start browsing, I cannot see anything…I hope this can be fixed because I really want to order some swimsuits from you, and see how they look…If not, can you send me a catalog? I really hope so, if not, then I will have to look somewhere else….I really want to order from your, if possible….Thank You…

  97. Sally

    For some 25 years I had been replacing my swim suits by the same brand. Early on I would purchase the suit in stores, but as the Internet became more accessible and broad ranged, I was able to make the purchases on-line. This last month I Googled the same swim wear company and lo and behold they seem to be out of business or melted into a larger corporation. That ladder seems more likely based on how the business world works now.
    The swimsuit I chose on your site was sort of what was looking for. I was pleased by your sites many choices and after a couple of different rounds studying choices I made the purchase. The upside of the purchase; the suit arrived well-packaged, with obvious care in its making. Good fabric, cut on the bias and the lines flatter the figure. The down side; a very light weight suit does not cost $8.95 to ship, or take 10 days from purchase to arrival. We live in a small remote seaside town and we ship all the time. This garment (with standard shipping & the light weight packing) should not have cost over $4.00.
    However, I do like the suit, will consider ordering from this company again, but I may call them next time and send a self addressed overnight bag for shipping. It would cost less and expedite the process. Thank you for asking my opinion.

  98. Disappointed in Louisiana

    I was so excited to finally find swim bike shorts and could hardly wait for them to arrive. Well, they arrived and the excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The pair I received had a large hole in the front along the seam and the material was very thin. I sent an email asking for information on returning the defective pair and receiving a replacement pair and never received a response. So, since they do not give refunds, I decided I would just try to go online and order another pair and figure out how to return the defective pair. But, of course they no longer had my size. So, I suppose I’m just stuck with the defective pair since I’m not interested in store credit (and since nobody has bothered responding to my email anyway). I won’t be buying anything from this company again.

  99. Courtney

    Love your site, but wish you sold bigger cup sizes, DD is too small for alot of bigger women. Most plus size women I know have G and bigger

  100. Patricia

    I searched and try different bathing suit, and finally found a place where I get to feel sexy and secure in a bathing suit. For a great price I get a great deal. I just recently discovered this website and bought 2 bathing suit. I already recommend it to 2 of my friends, and they already ordered.

  101. Dianna

    Just ordered my 3rd bikini, I love the fact that you have bikini’s for bigger women. Your items are the first suits I have ever ordered or purchased that fit. I am extremely top heavy and I always feel uncovered with store bought suits. THANK YOU for having real women sizes

  102. myriam

    Plus de size please!!! 14!!!

  103. Jolene

    I was intrigued to make a purchase from swimsuitforall after watching various youtubers trying these bikinis on.

    I made an order order on the 11th of Jun, which so much excitement to receive my swimsuit. However, its very very sad to say i have yet to receive my swimsuits today. It is already 2nd of July. 3 days ago, i submitted an enquiry with regards to my order and up till today, no reply was given.

    A few days back i stupidly made another purchase from swimsuitsforall. I am firm to say that i am DISAPPOINTED with them, will NOT repurchase from them, and will not recommend your website to any of my friends and family until i receive a reply and solution to my satisfaction.

  104. Mary

    I love the one of those 3 that fit! I ordered an 18W and I got 18misses. And if you are a size 18, you know that there is a BIG difference! I know it said W when I ordered it, but only 18 was on the tag when it arrived. The black and white taire was the only one that fit. The other 2 were too tight everywhere! They said they would refund my credit card when they got the return, but I have not seen it yet! I did order 2 more of the same style as the black and white. I just hate returning things and I just hate wrong sizing. But I really like my swim tops!

  105. Sandra Cheek

    As a plus size woman, I am so happy to find your site…however,I WISH that you had PLUS SIZE models modelling the plus size swimwear…if I hadn’t watched the video, I would have never known how cute your bikinis are on plus size women.

  106. Muriel Panico

    HI Ia ma size 14 but need a much larger cup then a C/D, I need DDD or even larger.

  107. Lizza

    Disappointed that “for all” doesn’t actually mean for all. I was so hoping that I could find a decent top to fit a 36H bra size. Why would you stop sizing at C/D?? Do you think Big and Beautiful is only for waist and hips?

  108. Janna

    I Love your swimsuits. Lots of choices for sexy, pretty, and cute ones. I think my shopping cart had around 17 suits I would love to be able to wear. Found you while I was getting information on the Weight Watchers website. Thank You Very Much, I thoroughly enjoyed shopping. Still not 100% loving of my body image, so will be a little while til I wear a swimsuit. For me, it is a start, and I will return. Thanks again, you have lovely suits. Nice to know there is a place to go. I am going to write down your name. Bye for now. :-)

  109. Nikita

    I wish you accepted PayPal as a payment method!!! I had picked out a couple swimsuits I LOVED and got to the end only to realize I could not buy them. So disappointed. PLEASE set up PayPal as a method of payment!!! :)

  110. Robin

    I love you site. This is the only place I’ve purchased swimsuits for the past 3 years. Love the quality and styles. I only complaint is, the availability of DDD size cups. I can make do with the DD, but I’d prefer the DDD.

  111. Miranda

    I was very happy to have found Swimsuitsforall.com seeing as flattering/more modern swim suits for bigger sizes are hard to come by. I ordered a suit right away and was so excited to receive it in a very short amount of time. I love the suit and it fits really well. My one complaint is the quality. Even that first time I wore it I noticed the small, pointy wires on the side of the top were already poking through the material. It’s interesting to read other reviews that say their suits from here have lasted years and years because I fear mine won’t last through the summer.

  112. Rose

    I am a 40 H none of your suits fit that size. They only go to DD. I would love to purchase something but, I don’t want to spill out of the top.

  113. Kathy Williams

    I love my Aquabelle swimwear, I am taking Water Aerobics at the YMCA in a chlorinated pool and my other swimsuit was not Chlorine resistant and started falling apart so this is the answer for me! Love your suits!

  114. DWilson

    I love the swimsuits and coverups – prices are very reasonable. You have to be careful about the sizes cause every brand fits differently. I would recommend ordering about 3 so you don’t have to keep sending back and reordering.

  115. DWilson

    I love their swimsuits and coverups – very reasonable prices. You have to be careful because every brand fits differently. I would recommend ordering about 3 sets so you don’t have to keep sending back and reordering cause shipping can get costly.

  116. Colleen Richards

    Well, they want to know how I like my suit, even though I keep emailing them to ask where it is. Here it is, July 9, & it was shipped June 19, & it’s not here yet! I’m not sure it will ever come. But, they were quick to charge my credit card, so they have their money.

  117. Juanita

    I’m disappointed by this website, because it seems that all of the suits in my size (18) only fit up to a DD. I have the same issue with sports bras. You would think that a site catering to plus-size women would know that many of us are DDD and larger, and that the soft cups or shelf bras just don’t cut it for busty women. So this really isn’t “swimsuits for all,” is it? I’ll have better luck at Just My Size.

  118. Carol E. Thomas

    I order a suimsuit from your company on sat and haven’t received it yet I have been charged and want to know when I will be getting it. If I don’t get it I won’t be ordering anything from you Please responds asap. Thank You I never got aconformation letter from you about this order and don’t have a order number. This has been charged to my account for $24.95 I look at it today and it seen since That they keep on changeing the date on me. thank you carol E. Thomas

  119. Jamie Foster

    I absolutely love the bathing suit I just received, and I love that I was able to order the top bottom in different sizes… However, the skirt-kini that ordered was all black, and the top is a different black that the bottoms… I leave for vacation next week, so I don’t have time to send it back…

  120. tonya

    I was certainly skeptical and then I gave it a try. I ordered two bathing suits in a size 14, but they didn’t fit. When I called customer service the wait time was a bit long, but I finally spoke to someone to review the exchange method. Although I had to go back on-line and reorder just to do the exchange, I am hoping that my card is not charged twice and if it is the credit reversal will reflect right away. I’ll keep you posted!

  121. GG

    I typically look for swimwear that is supportive for a large chest. (I am a 38H.) I am also very tal (5″12), and I like suits that accentuate my legs. When I search for suits now, I look for supportive one-pieces and tops with larger cups/thicker straps.

  122. Lynette Atkins

    I bought the Shore Club Illusion Smocked Tankini top a month ago and have worn it and I absolutely love it!! The fit is great. It keeps its shape after washing and after swimming, etc.. I love the colors. The price is so reasonable for a swimsuit that appears to be made well. So refreshing to find this website. I would buy from Swimsuits for All again in a heartbeat. Five stars!

  123. Kathy

    I recently purchased the Xtra Life® Lycra® Aquabelle Black Boy Short for an Aquabelle Tankini top I purchased from SwimSuitsforAll and find these flattering. They give extra coverage in the leg area and are very comfortable, not tight or revealing. I love your prices, the fit, the selections, the quality of the material but most of all, how you have created swimsuits to fit women of all sizes and shapes.

    Ladies, don’t be afraid to order a Swimsuit, Cover-up or any item from their fashion line. You’ll be totally satisfied and probably receive numerous compliments from family & friends. This is the only place I plan on shopping for my swimwear from now on and you will too once you place your first order! START SHOPPING NOW!!!!

  124. Valerie Hedglin


  125. Anita King

    I bought a swimsuit from Women Within, but wanted a chlorine-resistant suit. The suite I had bought lasted 6 weeks. Googled chlorine-resistant. Discovered Aquabelle. I am a lap swimmer, typically 60-75 minutes a session. I ordered a X-back first, difficult to get into, but I will wear. Ordered Aquabelle with U backs. They fit perfectly. Love the patterns of Aguabelle. I absolutely hate swim dresses, I think the skirts say “hey I have a big butt, and let me try to cover it”. I want a regular swimsuit, chlorine-resistant. Thank you. I have already told several people about your website.

  126. Patti

    I have purchased five suits so far. They are good quality and my orders were processed quickly. My only complaint would be that I wear size 8 pants and when ordering your bathing suits I am a size 14! Then I am asked to rate my ‘plus’ size purchase….so I now know to order these larger sizes…just huts my ego a bit but otherwise I am happy with my purchases!

  127. melissa

    I only recently found this website and love the idea of 1 and 2 piece swimwear for curvier women. My one issue is although I’m considered plus size, I am not a C cup. I found some styles that i would love to wear but I don’t want to have to stuff the top just to make it look right. Would you consider making B cup tops?

  128. Dee

    where can I post reviews of items. I see no option for this anywhere on your site.

  129. Jeanette M.

    Great prices! Great selections! I am very happy with my selections from this website. The Misses board shorts paired with a pretty bathing suit top are super for the large water park we will be heading to on vacation in August!

    Thanks for a great site…I will be back to order more soon.

  130. Jeanette M.

    Great prices! Great selections! I paired Misses board shorts with tankini top …great for the Water Parks when we go on vacation in two weeks!

    Thanks for a great site!

  131. Shaniqua

    Swimsuits for ALL? Not a single one piece comes in size 32.
    You may want to consider renaming your site.

  132. Linda Carlson

    Love the suit, fits great. I did purchase one that didn’t fit and the return was easy. Wish they had more colors of bottoms. I will be a return customer. Thanks

  133. Kelley

    I thought the bathing suits were great looking and reasonably priced, but the service for returns is horrible. I returned a bathing suit because it did not fit right on June 25th and it is now July 27th and I still do not have my store credit to re-order another bathing suit. I called twice and each time I was assured that the store credit would appear in a couple of days. The last call was a week ago. I followed the exact instructions for returning an item. I really liked the quality and price but I am not sure I will recommend this site to friends because of the lack of good service. Summer will be over before I get a chance to order a bathing suit.

  134. Kelley

    The swim suits are great but the return service is slow. I returned a suit that did not fit correctly. I followed all their return rules for store credit and it is over a month now and I still have not received the credit. I have called twice and both times I was assured that the credit would be there in two-three days. Still have not seen it. I will call again. I don’t think I would recommend this site to friends because of the extremely slow service.

  135. Emma

    I love the site! However, I find it disappointing that the suits really don’t come in 8s and 10s. I’m 5′ 6″ size 8, with a super athletic body, and these suits look perfect for me, yet you never have any in stock. help!

  136. Hannah

    I loved the idea behind swimsuits for all. I’m 6ft and a size 10. Most places just don’t have enough fabric to work for me. However, the swimsuit I purchased was really poor quality (the underwire ripped through the suit after one wear), and when I tried to get store credit for the cruddy suit I was told, “Sorry, it’s not chlorine resistant.” Since I was at a water park (LOUNGING FOR MOST OF THE DAY), they won’t give me the credit, but they could give me 15% off of something else if I would like. NO THANKS! There were better discounts then that on the annoying e-mail list that I am unsubscibed from now. Won’t purchase from this place ever again or tell any of my friends to purchase from here…

  137. Jody Allen0

    I bought a halter tankini with skirt. I am always hesitant to buy online as I hate returning stuff if it doesn’t fit, well this was not a problem with this swimsuit. I liked that I could order the top & bottom in different sizes, top 20 bottom 18. It fit perfect and loved that the top was acutally long enough that it came down a little below the waist. Deliver was quick I actually got it a day earlier than expected and was able to wear it at the beach the next day. A bonus was that the one I liked was on sale, and is great quality. I will definitely buy from Swim Suits for All again.

  138. christine


  139. Patricia

    I love swimsuitsforall, I recently purchased a few bathsuits and coverups, for an upcoming trip I have. They are resonable/great prices, did I also mention they have the cuties stuff. There delivery date is on point also. LOVE LOVE LOVE there site! Thank you SSFA

  140. Judy

    Was happy to see two piece swim dresses through swimsuits for all. But only two, I ordered the grey/yellow one and it came with lots of Green which is my most hated color. Sent it back & reordered the “Beach Belle Laguna” and low and behold got the “Beach Belle Blue Forever Palm”. It has a band that goes under the bust and around, it drops just above hips in back, now it has a flip just above the band. Tired of paying shipping, even half is too much. I have a credit now because of returned so this will be my last suit from this place.

  141. Julianne

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!! I am a 67 year old woman who wears a size 1X/2X, 42 DD.
    Up until now, I would NEVER be caught DEAD in a swimsuit!!!
    I was desparate for a form of exercise that would be gentle on my aching joints, and finally found water aerobics classes! Now all I needed was a suit… I did a search for “plus size swimsuits” and found you!!!
    The first suit was SO cute and fit PERFECTLY!!! I came back and have ordered SEVERAL more, and have even started ordering a size down, cause
    I’m sure that I’ll lose weight with all thie exercise!
    Thank you so much, SFA, you’ve changed my life!

  142. Margaret Mayo

    I will never buy Swimsuits from anywhere else! Received my order today….so excited! Thank you for the fast shipment and thank you for the awesome collection!

  143. lolita

    I typically don’t look for swimsuits if I can help it.. I usually go to a brick and mortar shop. Or if I take a web recommendation from a friend, I don’t trust their sizing..
    Your suits are terrific and show a diversity of uses, colorful and flattering.. Will be back.

  144. Barb Placek

    I just want to say thanks for returning the $43.20 you over charged me so quickly. I have been going back and forth with another company that owes me money for the last four months. Sometimes mistakes are made, but it is a pleasure to deal with companies that respond positively in such a short time. Barb

  145. Cheryl

    I loved the look of your bikinis and had hoped I’d finally be able to get a bikini BUT no bikinis for me… Why not do bikinis/swimsuits in larger cup sizes? I wear a 12FF /12G :-( so I don’t have a hope of fitting any of your swimsuits.

  146. delpsy

    Hello, love the idea of making plus size swimsuits at affordable prices. You have nice styles but I notice that most tankini are colorful prints, would love to see more solid colors, classy designs and sexier styles like halter tops and shiny colors. Also, would love to see more bottoms with good coverage but still sexy without being shorts or skirts , those are often the hardest to find!!!

  147. Kim

    I think it is wonderful that you carry a brand specifically for women with longer torso’s. On the other hand, I sure wish you had something for us SHORT waisted gals! I normally wear a 16, but because I’m short waisted…I have an excess amount of material in the torso. Needless to say, my bust therefor is not getting as much support as it normally would (If the torso fit more appropriately). If I could sew the straps up on all of these suits, I would! I have called your customer service line, and unfortunately the rep had no suggestions as to a brand that tends to run on the shorter end. I will see how my new suits I’ve just gotten from you work out, otherwise I’ll be forced to look elsewhere. I really don’t want to do that though, because I really do love your selection! Thanks for having such a user friendly website as well!

  148. Angie

    I LOVE my suits…I bought 2 …unfortunately only 1 fit.
    I don’t want to go through the hassle of returning 1 so I will find someone who will fit it…I will definitely order again. The price is great, discounts are even greater.
    I have a hard time finding swimsuits that fit and that last. I attend water aerobics
    4 out of 7 days. I Love them!

  149. Sharon

    I love your swimsuits. I have 4 of them and love looking at new suits and what ones are on sale. I wish you had on your website, a WISH LIST, so if I’m not ready to order but want to keep it saved of the ones I’m interested in.

    You should contact Lane Bryant or Catherines to have them sell a few of your swimsuits, as theirs are awful and so high priced.

  150. Amy

    I am a very big girl and was really hoping to find something on this site in my size but I was very disappointed. Your website says “swimsuits for ALL”, yet when I look to see what swimsuits are in the sizes that you offer, there was literally NOTHING!! I would like to be able to go to the pool so that I can workout and try to lose weight because the water is low impact and easier on my joints, but I’ve been having a hard time finding something. You seriously need to have more sizes available. It’s very disappointing when you are looking at the site at all of these nice swimsuits but nothing in your size. DON’T CALL YOUR WEBSITE SWIMSUITS FOR ALL UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO SELL THAT WAY!! :(

  151. Julie

    I recently bought a 2 pc swimsuit. A black side slit skirt and the blouson tankini top.
    The skirt does not fit well at all. its much too tight and I went by my measurements so I will probably end up returning it. The top fits ok after I adjusted the straps.
    had I tried it on in a store I would probably not have boughten it. I think when it comes to swimsuits unless you have a body that magically fits into the appropriate size your better off trying them on in a store.

  152. Kelly

    I bought 2 suits – Beach Belle Blushing Blossom Blouson Skirtini and the Beach Belle Dew Drops Blouson Skirtini for my vacation. I like that the tops are blousy so they don’t hug your body. However, I do wish that the skirts and shorts were a little longer to cover more of the thighs. It would be great if you offered longer versions in both. But I have to say, I love your prices and your coupons! Great offers!

  153. Joyce Van Amburgh

    I take arthritis aquatic classes three times a week. I searched for a bathing suit that would hold up in the chorine and didn’t find one until I found your website. I ordered one and have been wearing it for almost five months and it shows no wear due to the chorine. I ordered two others and I’m sure they will last me for a long time. I am pleased with the price and wear. Thank you

  154. mary

    i am disappointed in the size range of a site claiming to fit curvy women. curvy women stop at size 14? my very un-curvy bff is a 14.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Mary, please let me reassure you that our sizes do exceed a size 14. Our size range starts at a size 8 and goes to a size 34. For further sizing information, please see our complete size charts on swimsuitsforall.com.

  155. Shirley Irene Robinson

    I purchased a swimsuit from swimsuitsforall.com and it was the first swimsuit I bought in many years. I was so impressed with the various styles it was difficult to make up my mind, they were all so beautiful. I finally made my choice and when it arrived and I tried it on, I was amazed at how comfortable it was and how well it fit. I immediately went back on the site to order more. I highly recommend any & all of these swimsuits to everyone, even if you haven’t worn a swimsuit in over 20 years – you will be happy that you ordered one and I’m sure you will love how you look and feel in your new swimsuit.

  156. Bonnie

    I LOVE every bathing suit I have purchased, Aquabelle, Longatude and Beach Belle. I have 6 beautiful bathing suits, I get compliments on each one. I did fall in love with a bathing suit that I had to return and was expecting a problem, they were wonderful.. so I purchased another. I love the selections and variety of manufacturers.

  157. Kelly

    I purchased two swimsuits from your company. I loved them both. They were true to size and comfortable. I’ve washed them several times and they seem to be holding up very well.

    The only criticism I have would be to offer the skirtinis and shorts in a slightly longer style. Not as long as to the knee, but a little longer would be nice for those with larger legs.

    Great price for a great suit!

  158. Karin

    This is my first purchase from Swimsuits for All and I am very pleased. This swimsuit fits like a glove. Oh so comfortable. Love the color !!!!!
    Will certainly buy others in the future. I am in the pool for aerobics three times a week so I do go through swimsuits. Hope this one holds up as well as it is made.

  159. Barb

    I havew enjoyed each suit, always find a sale price and shipping is very quick, customer service folks are great at answering ?’s.
    Appreciate being able to purchase good brands.

  160. Beki

    I googled “salt water bathing suits” and was delighted to see not only larger sizes but a wonderful selection!! I have ordered a tankini and a one piece! Just ordered 2 separate bottoms and another one piece! I was delighted that I was able to call and talk with an actual person and got WONDERFUL customer service!! All my suits will come from ya’ll from now on!!!

  161. Karin

    This is a great fitting swimsuit. Feels so comfortable on. Almost like wearing
    nothing. Color is great. Fit true to size.

  162. Charlotte

    Being plus size, I have problems finding swim suits, but I found so many here that I thought were really nice. I ordered two and kept the one I loved the best. It’s great!! The suit is well made and good quality. And returning the other suit wasn’t a hassle. I had major problems with another on-line company trying to return clothing. I highly recommend Swimsuitsforall to anyone looking for a nice swim suit.

  163. Jeanette

    I have bought many of your suits which fit nicely, and the ones that didn’t were exchanged. I do wish you would carry more 26-28 as some of the suits fit smaller than others, especially the bottoms.

  164. pat

    I am on my 4th year of your suits. They are fabulous! Clorine Resistant is my choice & I rotate 5 of them…therefore they last about 2 yrs–M-F classes at the Y. We ‘Y’ swimmers have many of them. Good fit, love colors-though I don’t do black, & comfortable for all moves.

  165. Sherry McMichael

    As an Aqua fitness instructor I need a suit that will stay down and move well…..I love the Aquatard and shortini’s. I tell all my students to order from S4A, they fit great and true to size and are truly chlorine resistant…..I cannot say enough good about your company or suits…..I have several and they truly last forever….

  166. Julie Zacharjak

    Finally a company that actually listens to, and understands a woman’s quest to find a pair of bathers that fits! Since turning 50, menopause and a complete hysterectomy, I have found my body shape has changed. A lot. I’ve developed rolls in places I never knew I could have them. I’ve never been thin. And I’m OK with that, but this weird shape I have now is making it more difficult to find flattering clothes, let alone a swimsuit. Bathers have been the reason I don’t swim. I have never found a pair that I can say I feel 100% comfortable in. It’s stopped me wanting to even go swimming. And we own a swimming pool! I have avoided it for years. But now, I’m going to be out in that pool having fun with the rest of the family because I know I’m going to look great! Being able to order separates with a huge range of sizes and not being locked into buying the same sized tops and bottoms within a set is the best thing! This is my first time ordering from SwimsuitsForAll and I’m really excited!

  167. Shannon

    I appreciate you having attractive and modern looking swimsuits in larger sizes but most women that are size 14+ need more support than a C-D cup bra. Please make underwire support with wide straps, not thin, stretchy straps.
    Narrow straps, deep V in front and low scoop in back will not work for larger women.

    • Swim Team

      Thank you so much for your feedback, we have passed your comments on to our merchandising team for consideration.

  168. leslie wagner

    What incredible luck to find swimsuitsforall.com. Wide selection of great quality ladies (hard-to-find full figure) sizes in beautiful styles & colors. As soon as I received my 1st order and realized that competitive pricing & good quality do go hand & hand @ swimsuitsforall.com; I was back @ my computer ordering more, more, more.

  169. Memo

    I love the swimsuitforall site, I have ordered 4 swim suits, 2 skirts and two tankini tops and shorts, I get so many complements and they are true to size. So many woman I swim with have ordered now also and I see the suits I recognise.

    I swim 4-5 days at indoor pool and chlorine tales a toll on suits,but no suit will last forever.

  170. Memo

    As additional comment I order the plus size suits, Aquabella and i found that returning is so easy, I pick soething new and following instructions on shipping form I put the new item # and use the return label and I always get a discount card with a new order.

    If I wanted a return to credit card they will do so. So far I have no complaints. Sometimes the suits get see through from all the chlorine but I doubt there is any suit that won;t do that.

  171. Malinda

    I have NEVER in my life enjoyed shopping for or trying on swimsuits. I am going on a vaction soon so I was forced into doing just that. I found your website and ordered 3 different suits thinking I would be able to tolerate one of them. In turn I LOVE all 3. I feel great in them and just came back to your site to order a coverup as well. Thank you for having a site for real woman. You have changed my outlook on swimwear!

  172. Naomi

    So far I have purchased 4 suits from this site & I am happy with both (2013-2014 past 2 yrs). I even bought my mother a swim dress from here & she loved it also. The problem that I am having with “swimsuits for all” is that you don’t have much of a selection for the very big sizes! I wear a size 32-34 swimsuit 50DD bust. There is nothing more depressing than checking this site month after month, (MONEY IN HAND WAITING TO BUY) and seeing the same 5 swimsuits and the same 5 tankinis in my size! The smaller sizes have SOOO many choices/selections, I am really feeling left out even though this site is supposed to be ALL INCLUSIVE. Its a new year 2015 you added new stock (I GET AT LEAST 2 EMAILS FROM YOU GUYS DAILY) & once again neglected sizes 32-34! I never could understand why companies fail to give very BIG/Plus size women variety, when, news flash we have a lot, if not THE MOST MONEY TO SPEND IF OUR SIZE IN A GOOD SELECTION WAS PROVIDED! Yes I know your site like the back of my hand, I see what is available in my size, & yes there isn’t much variety! Its 2015 please include 32-34 sizes to your NEW ARRIVALS & please make us Big Gals feel more included!

  173. Steph

    Got my very first suit from swim suits for all and I love it. I’ve never had a swim suit I thought looked good on me. The price was right and the style is perfect! Thank you so much!!

  174. Jessica

    I love your suits but I wish you had a selection that fit size 14 with a B cup. Any chance that will ever happen?

    • Swim Team

      Hi Jessica, unfortunately we start at a C cup right now, we will pass along your feedback to our merchandising department!

  175. Angela S.

    I bought the most wonderful 2 piece in a size 16. The pattern is awesome and the high waist fit makes me comfortable in a 2 piece. Looking to buy more from this site.

  176. Maria Gomez

    I searched for “plus size swim” and found your site. FINALLY! I subscribed to your site so I wouldn’t forget you.

  177. Teri

    I ordered four pieces from your site using the measurements provided for each one. The pieces arrived and they are large enough that they are almost loose. If I had time I would return them for a smaller size but since I cruise day after tomorrow that isn’t an option. While I am disappointed with the sizing errors – (and I know how to measure since I am a seamstress) – I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at the style and flattering shape of the pieces I purchased. Thank you so much for offering attractive suits for curvy women. Just because I am curvy does not mean that I am a geriatric patient if you get my drift! I will actually look forward to having my picture taken while I play with the stingrays. :o)

  178. M

    Love the site. So many options. Would love to see some 1 piece and bikini bottoms offered that come up higher on the thigh & legs – higher on the sides. I think it makes hips look smaller and legs longer.

  179. Ali

    I loved everything I ordered. I was a bit hesitant not being able to try on before buying. But it’s nice to feel confident in a swimsuit. I will be buying again for sure!

  180. Rajar

    Tropiculture Black Handkerchief Swimdress
    This seems to be a top seller, is there any chance that this would become available again in smaller sizes like size 10? I don’t know if you have input with the manufacturer, but this is such a flattering style for someone a bit overweight and I would love to see it in different colors and different print patterns.

  181. Gisselle

    Psyched to have found your site! As a plus 6’0 woman it has been nearly impossible to find bathing suits that are cute and young-looking! Everything elsewhere is just boring and color-less one-pieces (which are usually too short because I am so long) or tankinis, that again aren’t the most youthful thing. I am in-between where a regular size 18 sometimes fits and an 18W is too large. So having found this store is amazing to me because I have found cute bikinis that cover more than the ones found in average stores, and are made for fuller women. Wooo! Doing a googlesearch for plus size bathing suits never brought up your site! I came across it through an Instagram post by Ashley Graham! <3

  182. PAB

    I have been wearing your suits for 10 years now. Love that you have sizes, shapes for larger women and prices that don’t require another mortgage on my house.

    The only issue I have had is my breasts are not in line with the size of the rest of my body. I’m a 24/26 on the bottom and in the midsection. Unfortunately my tummy looks 7-8 months pregnant and haven’t been for almost six years. Anyway, my cup size is a C at best. I find that most of the suits are gigantic in the cup and the rest of the suit fits fine.

    Because of the size of my midsection, there’s no way I could wear a bikini or look decent in a one piece, so a tankini works perfectly if the bra size is right. Perhaps you can consider making your tops in multiple bra sizes as well.

    I see some others having quality discussions on this board but for the price you charge, I feel the quality is fine. Most swimsuits don’t even come in plus sizes and they are garbage for $200. I’d rather buy new ones each season and get 4 for $200. If cared for by hand-washing with Woolite, the suits maintain their shape just fine. A $200 suit will get destroyed in a front-loading machine just as easily (been down that road).

    Thanks for your time and your great products.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Pamela! Thank you for your continued support of our company! We really appreciate your feedback on the sizing of our swimsuit tops. We will certainly pass this feedback along to the correct department within s4a. Thanks again!

  183. Cheryl

    I HATE shopping for swimwear. Your pictures show curvy and full figured young women in flattering suits that are affordable. Thank you. would be nice to see some older apple shaped gals. just sayin.

  184. Michele Dean

    I have received my second pair of bathers, and again a great fit.
    Very happy with them

  185. Rosalie Harrex

    I have bought your lovely swimsuits last year and would like to do so again, but find I cannot order as it blocks after I go to the cart, can you help me.

  186. Ryn

    I am a full figured woman myself but I think I am only an 8, but a 36D in the top. I wish you sold a size 8 as well. I also wish you sold the tops by bra size. Women come in all shapes and forms and should not be bound by a number for the tops. I think if it fits like a bra, it should have sizes like bras. It only makes sense. Thank you!

    • Swim Team

      Hi Ryn! This is great feedback! We do have a few tie back swimsuits that might be able to accommodate your cup size. We are definitely going to pass your feedback along to the appropriate department.

  187. JustAGirlinMA

    I was excited to see the new ad for Sports Illustrated, and found your website through them. I had hoped that finally I would find a place I could buy a bikini that would fit. I am not plus sized, however I am large chested with a short torso, so bathing suit buying is torture. I’m 5’3″, I wear a 36G/38DDD bra, yet my waist is small (size US 5/6 panties). Sadly, none of your swimsuit tops have sizing that will fit me. Very disheartening. Please look into adding bikini tops that will fit larger cup sizes than DD with good support.

    • Swim Team

      Hi! Thank you for your feedback, we will pass this on to the proper department!


  188. Barbara Wagner

    Thank you for your ad with Ashley Graham in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

  189. Barbara Wagner

    Thank you for your Ashley Graham ad in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
    Keep up the good work.

  190. Bobbie

    This morning I was watching The View when on came the model from SI and said that her suits come from your company and Rosie O indicated the same. Since both of these ladies stand at least 5’7″ to 6′ with a long torso I’m guessing most of your suits fit them. I stand at 4’11” and have a short torso and the last suit that I purchased was a couple of years ago in FL and was a size 16W (but the torso was still a bit too long), so when I do wear it I have to almost tuck it up.
    Do any of your suits have short torso’s?

    Thank you,

    • Swim Team

      Hi Bobbie, if you click on any of our swismuits there is a sizing link you can click through to the right of where you choose your size. This will better help you with measurements. If you would like help from an agent you can either call us at 1.888.241.SWIM or email us at swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com

  191. Amy

    Why does your size info only give the bust size in inches and not the bandsize as well? I’m a 36G/H, so yes, you need larger cup sizes but sometimes I can fit into an F. But when I pull up the suits that you do carry in the E/F size, you don’t tell me the band size in inches, only 18, 20, 22 (which are probably WAY TOO large).

    And why do all of your bottoms come up above the belly button? Not everyone loves that look.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Amy, no not all of our bottoms come up above the belly button. Please see our Swim Sexy collection or the separates tab for swimsuits that have a low rise bottom. Unfortunately, the Gabi Fresh collection only comes with high rise bottoms.

      If you contact swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com we can better assist you with the sizing of a swim top!

  192. Michele Travis

    I have also bought a suit from your site. My problem is keeping the girls looking good. I found that if you can find a suit with a bra size in it with under wire works best. Sorry I didn’t see any on your site. Just sizes from 2-18w. I am talking about bra sized in as a 36 C with under wire. But you do have beautiful suits, I’d send my back but I like the skirt to much and for the price it’s worth it to me.

  193. Alynn

    I love your site. The styles are for anyone. Only problem is just because I wear a big size does not mean my chest is huge. I can never find a swimsuit to fit my smaller chest, even for a size 24 I barely wear a C cup. It would be great to have a few choices for us (somewhat) smaller gals.

    • Swim Team

      Hi there! If you could email us at swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com we can go ahead and assist you on choosing a swimsuit. Even with a smaller bust, we can give you free shipping if you’d like to try the sizing!

  194. Kathryn Carney

    I have lost quite a bit of weight, therefore was unsure of my size and followed their sizing chart precisely. When the suit arrived it was too small, therefore I’m in the process of exchange. The suit itself was of nice quality fabric, the design and pattern matched the picture. Now, if I can get it in the proper size I’ll be a happy swimmer.

  195. Laura Minner

    I ordered a suit for my mother and we are exchanging for the right size, she loved the style and color, said it was beautiful and is anxious to use it on our cruise.

  196. Barb

    A Great place to shop for bathing suits! I’m a 14 with D bust and I ordered the shore club Las Cruses suit, purple floral one piece with sarong, 2 tankini tops, the Baltic smocked maxi dress, and the v-neck opens sleeve coverup. All fit wonderful and I will certainly recommed Swimsuits for All of my friends who need the curvy suits!
    I will certainly order more suits! Pricing and shipping is fantastic!
    Thank you swimwsuits for all… Love your site


    i am really super picky about the kind of bathing suit i wear because i had gastric bypass surgery and have lost alot of weight but i still do not feel comfortable in my own skin, and for the past 20 years i have avoided the beach and the pool which is odd for me because i love to swim all because i was too embarassed to go out in public in a bathingsuit where other people could see me but then i found this website and i literally just found a thousand dollars worth of bathingsuits and coverups that i am ordering and now that i only live like 20 minutes from the beach i will be hitting the sand this summer and in a different sweimsuit everytime. i hope everyone else has as easy of a time as i did shopping on this site and finding so many different styles that are gorgeous and in stle but in my size and not just for someone that looks like they havent eaten in a year just to stay skinny.

    • Swim Team

      Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words, we truly appreciate it! Enjoy your swimsuits and cover ups this year and the years to come!

  198. lisa

    I haven’t received my order yet, when I do receive it if it fits I will order another suit if I think i will receive it before I leave on my cruise.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Lisa, it looks like your order will be to you within the next two days! Thanks, s4a

  199. Jan McGuire

    being from Australia and being the end of our summer I was looking for new bathers for a holiday to Bali at the end of March. I was browsing the Internet and come upon this website wow was I blown away, I put my order in ( made sure they shipped to Australia ) paid express delivery. Had my parcel delivered to my door yesterday 2nd March ’15 . OMG I am so thrilled with my purchases they fit so well luv them, will definitely be buying from here in the future.
    I also had an apology email saying due to weather conditions that there may be a delay in delivery ( which they wasn’t ) Great service. Better than what I am used to.
    Thanks again.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Jan! We are so glad you received your swimsuits in time for your vacation. Thanks for shopping with us! – s4a

  200. tammy price

    really impressed of how it fits luv will be recommending to my friends

  201. Tanya

    I just got back from a wonderful Caribbean vacation but before I left I was very unsure about me being in a swimsuit but then I found this site. I purchased 2 Tankini’s, 1 swim skirt, 1 swim bottom and 1 swimdress. First I must say I very impressed with how quickly they arrived in the mail. When I opened the package I was very pleased with the quality of material, they were just beautiful, then came the real test, trying them on. I used the sizing chart and it was very accurate. I felt confident wearing these on the beach. My husband loved them too!!
    I will not hesitate to purchase from this site for all my future swimwear needs. You guys rock!!

  202. Tanya

    I just got back from a wonderful Caribbean vacation. I was a little nervous about being on the beach as my body size isn’t what it used to be. I was so happy when I found this website. I ordered 2 Tankini’s, 1 swim skirt, 1 swim bottom, 1 swim dress. I was very impressed with how fast they shipped. When I opened the package I was very pleased with the quality of material, they are just beautiful. Then the real test, trying them on! I used the websites instructions for measurement and they were spot on. I was very happy with the fit. I felt confident wearing these on the beach.
    I will use this site for all my future swim wear needs. You guys rock!!

  203. A

    I love your swimwear! So many styles and sizes to choose from! I only wish you offered maternity options.

  204. A

    I love your website because there are so many sizes and style options. Especially options that are not frumpy! I just wished you offered maternity options.

  205. Eva

    Well, I just want to say THANK You!!!!!!
    Love my size 24 Bikini and peeps actually compliment my curves…will definitely purchase from Swimsuitsforall again.


  206. Karen Cole

    Love my new swimsuit

  207. Cindy Elder

    I love your site and swimsuits, I went on cruise this year and was looking for a swimsuit that I could feel comfortable in. I found it, but I have two issues with my figure. I’m bigger on bottom and smaller on top. I got the bottoms to work, but the top was perfect except for the bust size. I had to end up cutting out the breast cups in order to wear the suit. Some women are not a huge size in the bust area, so this is a problem.

    Also, I wish that some skirt type bottoms could be made longer. I have very pretty legs from the knee down, but knee up, I have issues, just a little longer skirts would be a perfect choice for ladies with these type of problems.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Cindy! We are so happy to hear you found a swimsuit that worked for you! We will definitely pass your suggestions along to the appropriate department within s4a!

  208. Char

    I Purchased two swimsuits and a cover up and am extremely happy with them all! You annot beat the quality or the price!

  209. Heather from FL

    I was searching for the perfect suit for my 5’10, 250lb frame when I found this site! OMG i fell in love imidiantly. They have something for every plus size women of any age. I bought a few “testers” if you will from the sale page, just to see which ones I liked the best. I LOVE THEM ALL. They are made for me…or so I think. I feel good, I feel sexy and I feel beautiful. Cant wait to break these bad boys in and then get some more. Im currently loosing weight, so I love the fact that these have a variety of sizes!!! By the way, my suites showed up in less than 4 days.

  210. dianengamelin

    HELLO i would liketo know i am living in canada and if i have to pay for the duty free.That swhy hi dont order because if i have to pay the duty free even your sale are very good for the price with the duty free the order will be more then we pay so i am waiting for answer pleasety

  211. debra ureel

    I LOVE all the suits I have purchased so far. Good quality & fast delivery. The only negative comment would be… if you do have to return an item they want to give you a in store credit rather than a refund!! Be careful with returns!

    • Swim Team

      Hi Debra! Thanks for your great feedback! We only offer store credit if a customer uses our return labels, we are more than happy to offer any customer a credit card refund if they use their own shipping label! Thanks, s4a

  212. Julie P

    Site improvement very needed! I can’t sort for underwire or cup size. Without the ability to sort by cup size, a swim site isn’t worth the massive amount of time it takes to find a suit that will fit. The cup sizes aren’t till you’re all the way into the description of a single suit, most of which it turns out I can’t buy anyway. These are lovely suits and good prices so when you get the sort/filter options for cup sizes ready, shoot me an email and I’ll be back. Or feel free to send me links to the ones that have 36GG cups with underwire.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Julie! Thank you for your feedback on ways to improve our website! We do have a section for the larger cup sizes that we carry. Unfortunately, we currently only have up to E/F cup sizes for our swimsuits. This section can be found here: http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/EF-Cups-Swimwear-Shop-All-L

  213. Sally

    I’m very disappointed that your real swimsuits only go up to size 24. I’m a size 28, and I don’t want a skirt, swimdress, board shorts, two piece with shorts, sarong, poncho, etc. I just want a one piece suit with no extra cover ups. If there really were “Swimsuits for All” here, you’d have suits for women larger than 28 that you can actually swim in without being hindered by skirts and shorts.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Sally! We will be extending our sizes with our Fall Collection. Please check back for these items! Thanks, s4a

  214. Deb

    Just received my order and am very happy with the tankini’s, EXCEPT, I wish they were a bit longer to cover my bulging tummy. The skirts fit very well as do the cargo shorts (love the pockets!). But again I wish the tankini were a bit longer.

  215. Shelley

    We just got our first order from swimsuits for all and are so thrilled. My teen daughter is a 34 double D so finding suit that lets her feel like a teen and provides full coverage can be difficult. She tried it on when it arrived yesterday and was thrilled!

    I also ordered a suit and it is the first time in years that I actually ‘liked’ how I looked in a plus sized bathing suit. In the past either the suit didn’t have enough support, or coverage or I paid a fortune.

    It arrived before we expected and the sizing guide was completely accurate. This is the first time I’ve ordered a swimsuit online, but I can promise it won’t be the last!

    Thank you,

    • Swim Team

      Hi Shelley! We are so glad to hear the swimsuits you and your daughter ordered are to your liking! Enjoy them and thank you for supporting swimsuitsforall!

  216. Helga VanderWoude

    Wow the quality is excellent. Exceeded my expectations. I would have paid a fortune for a swimsuit like this anywhere else. The fit is perfect and feels nice on. Glad I took a leap into this web site!

  217. Sonia

    Envian tambien a España?

    • Swim Team

      Hola Sonia! Sí,también envíos a España.

  218. Jenna

    I ordered a swimsuit from you for the first time, and I am absolutely in love with it! I have never felt more comfortable in a swimsuit. The quality is amazing, thank you :)

  219. Anne

    The suits look great! I ordered one and it fit well, but unfortunately was not a good style for me (you know how we all like to think we have the same body as the models do). I returned it a week ago and am still waiting to receive my store credit so that I can try another suit.

  220. Lydia

    Ordered my Tankini top and navy blue shorts and LOVE them! So far they are great and NO problems! Will be ordering again I am sure.



  222. Carol Downey

    I would like to tell everyone your customer service is excellent !!!!!My suit was too small and without hesitation a new suit is on it’s way before I even returned the one that is too small ….no questions asked ! You guys are amazing !!!!
    Thank you so much !

  223. Leah

    I really enjoy this site and have had a great experience as a customer. I would like to know why does this site not over rash guard swim shirts or even swimsuits with short or long sleeves. I am a plus sized woman who has an issue with my arms. I love all your designs, but it would be helpful to have something for those who aren’t as confident as others. I have seen many places offering rash guard shirts, but when it comes to plus size, the styles are not all that great. I am sure that if swimsuitsforall can design come up with some great pieces. Please let me know who I need to contact.

    Thank you!


    • Swim Team

      Hi Leah! Thank you for your feedback regarding rash guards/swim shirts, we will be sure to pass this on to the appropriate department!

  224. YOLANDA

    I was going a short vacation and I realized that I didn’t have swimsuit that was becoming for my size. I ordered my suit from swimsuits for all. GREAT decision!!! The suit is very becoming I received many complements.

  225. Sue S

    I like the variety but some of the chlorine resistant suits only come in the smaller end of large sizes. The top I got is working well (6 hours a week in aquatic classes) but the bottoms (which I ordered separately after I didn’t like how loose the matching original bottoms were)are fading out along the front and back seam lines and the areas where my thighs meet my torso. Because of my initial like of the price of a chlorine resistant suit I ordered another suit but have not yet worn it. Hope the bottoms work out better than these.

  226. Lisa Bradley

    I love the styles of your swimsuits and bought 2 of them but am disappointed at the cup size. They are way too big. At a size 18/20 I don’t have a D/DD cup but am small breasted. Do you sell any swimsuits without the stiff mega cups? Thanks!

    • Swim Team

      Hi Lisa! Many of our swimsuits have soft molded cups. Please email swimstylist@swimsuitsforall.com for personal help finding these swimsuits.

  227. NYnessa

    So glad this site exist!! BUT!!!!! MORE COLOR!!!! The suites should have several color per design. There are great designs but not enough inventory or selection. Its not summer yet and Im on the site looking for a suite and pickins are slim.

  228. Madeline

    These swimsuits look great but I would love more swimsuits for more busty women! Cup sized swimwear please!!

  229. Sheila

    I wish you had extended length bike shorts that goes down below the knee, like capri’s. In sizes 28 and larger would be nice.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Sheila! Thank you for this feedback regarding our bike shorts. We will be sure to pass this request to the appropriate department!

    • Marilyn

      Like Sheila I would like longer bike shorts in sizes 26 or 28. Also, I had wait loss surgery and have drooping skin. The bike shorts would help. Also, I had purchased the pink aqualactard (sorry for the spelling) but have not found the blue in a size larger than a size 22, in over a year. Also, I would like to size other patterns besides the 2 you offer. You can rely on me purchasing the items.

      Thanks so much for the quality and convenience of shopping online.
      With sincere thanks,

      • Swim Team

        Hi Marilyn! Thank you so much for your feedback on our products! We will be sure to pass this information on to our merchandising department! Please check back with our Fall collection as we will be adding to our Aquabelle selection!

  230. corrine twiddy

    finally a plus size suit that is true to size im a 18 and 5 ft 2 in i was so impressed that i ordered a tankini and i really enjoyed the pics of ladies wearing their suits on the beaches. Such cute colors and fashionable styles… love this site

  231. Lynn

    I ordered a beautiful cover up, that arrived quickly and was much nicer than I expected for the price. It is nice to find a web site that has so many affordable, quality and fashionable choices in swim wear.

  232. Lynn

    beautiful coverup and great quality for the price. plus with the free shipping code, I got a great deal.. fits perfectly also

  233. Lynn

    lovely coverup and great deal for the price, ive never found a website before that offered sizes for my body type at such low prices for such quality materials. My cover up arrived very quickly and was better than I could have imagined. It fit perfectly and I will definitely be ordering more from swimsuitsforall

  234. Lynn

    its great

  235. Rhonda chambers

    I love the longitudes swimsuits for there bust control,especially the cross back. They need to make more of these.i would really like one in black. I have not had as good luck with other brands.

  236. Anita

    I just ordered a tankini top from you guys and I have to say it fit true to size, and its very flattering. I have a bit of a belly and it hides it nicely. The only thing I wish is that there were more underwire to choose from. I need more of a lift, and it doesn’t really “lift” them much. But overall if I had to score it I’d give it a 9 out of 10!

  237. Bridget

    I recently bought the Aquabelle Flower Bomb High Neck Swimsuit so that I could start doing lap swimming at the local pool. I hate wearing suits and usually only want skirt suits. I LOVE THIS SUIT!!! It is comfortable, fits true and very flattering.

  238. Marilyn Padilla

    I love this website. There are lots of suits to choose from. No matter what style you like you are sure to find a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The suits are of very high quality and you will receive your order I a very timely manner. I wouldn’t think of buying a suit anywhere else.

  239. Kelly

    I really love your site and have bought a few suits from here. as a size 16, I wish there were more solid colors to choose from. I buy and wear tankinis… All of these flowers I think at least make me look like a basket full of them..

    • Swim Team

      Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for your feedback! We will be expanding our collections this Fall, be on the look out!

  240. Christina Fiore-Amick

    Love the Swimsuit!!

  241. TheRonda Cauley

    I loved my purchase and was so glad to find a swimsuit that fits true to size for PLUS size women, comfortable and pretty. I loved it!! pretty floral print with the H strap! I will tell my friends about it. WE like sexy swim suits too!!

  242. TheRonda Cauley

    I was very pleased with my purchase and glad I found something that is true to size for PLUS size women. I loved the pretty floral print and the H strap swim dress. LOVED it!!!! WE like to look and feel sexy too. Good job guys!

  243. Mflisakowski

    Swimsuit shopping can be really frustrating and expensive. I ordered several suits so I could have a selection to try on at home. Of the suits I ordered, there was only one that I didn’t love. It was a tough choice between the others. I was able to settle on just one for now but I will definitely be back to purchase more. My entire experience from shopping to returns has been great.

  244. Nettie

    I purchased 3 bikinis from this site!!! I am a plus size women, I’m in a 20. I got a 20 and it fit too big. I did not look at the size chart and saw that I should have got a 14 in the top (C) and a 16/18 in the bottoms. Ladies I’ve read a few of the comments and it seems like your bust may be a little bigger scratch that waaay bigger than mine (a little jealous 😉 but when I tried on a size 20 I was swimming in it. This is an amazing site and it also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and get a two piece!! So I say give the site a try you may find something that fits you!! Good luck ladies. I also want to thank all of you that posted pictures, this TOTALLY helped me to see these suits on real women and not just models!!

  245. Ingrid

    I just purchased 2 bathing suites size 18 love them sooo much they fit perfectly. i received them quickly I was shock how well made I cant say how much I Love these.

  246. satisfied

    I really appreciate the selection and being able to order different size tops and bottoms. I purchased the long board shorts which I absolutely love and a Beach Belle top that flatters my size 24 figure and G cup size with good coverage and support. I am usually self-conscious in a swimsuit but this combination is a true winner. My hips, thighs and bustline are all covered wearing only a two piece suit. This is the best site I have found to purchase swimwear for larger women. Thank you!

  247. gin gin

    just order 2 suits loved them true to size. ordered with 2-3 day shipping got them fast! very happy with the look of suit. just ordered another bottom short yo go with the top i got. cant wait to use the suits in the water !!

  248. Jo

    Would really love it if you offered more H-back suits. It is a great style for larger bust sizes and it takes the pressure off the shoulders.

  249. Karen

    Please offer a high-waisted swim skirt. There are plenty of high-waisted swim suit bottoms, but no skirted ones.

    • Swim Team

      Hi Karen! Thank you for your feedback, we will be sure to pass this along to the appropriate department!

  250. Diadel

    I am a first time customer and buyer. I can tell you ladies, this is the best website/store to buy a bathing suit. I usually go years without buying a new bathing suit, I’m not good at shopping for bathing suits, heck I really dislike it. That all changed when I googled swimwear and this site came up. I am so glad it did. They have so many variety of swimwear for all type and size women. Wow, I felt so welcomed! I gained 10 pounds and was just wondering what size I was. Anyway, I picked 3 bathing suits and I was impressed. They all fit and they look Amazing!!! Yes, you heard it from a woman who really doesn’t like shopping for bathing suits. I got 2 tankini and 1 piece bathing suits. I was just beside myself. I look Great!!!! Prices where just right! I am happy with my purchase. Thank you for thinking of all women when designing bathing suits. The style and fit is just truly wonderful.

  251. Meg

    Hi I absolutely love love love the GabiFresh line of suits. Last season I bought the GabiFresh Nala Plus Size Underwire Midkini Top & bottom, and wore it constantly with pride and sass. This season I have my eye on the D/DD Cup Black Underwire Mid-Waist Bikini but what’s keeping me away from actually ordering it is that you currently don’t offer size 10 tops or size 12 bottoms. Any plans on offering more sizes?

    • Swim Team

      Hi Meg! Unfortunately, we are currently low on inventory of Gabi’s latest collection with Swim Sexy. Please check back for Cruise 2016!

  252. Lydia

    After an exhausting day of swimsuit trying on (target, old navy, tjmaxx, etc) I came home feeling defeated but decided to poke around the Internet as a last resort and stumbled upon this site. I was a little leary of ordering a swimsuit online but the prices were so reasonable (less than the ones I looked at in other stores that fit like crap!) I decided to give it a shot. And it was totally worth it! The shipping was fast and the suit actually fit in a very flattering way! Great support in the bust and I wasn’t pouring out like in other suits and my butt wasn’t hanging out either. It’s also a really cute swimsuit on top of all that! I will definitely be a returning customer!!

  253. Cathy D.

    After all the troubles I had with getting a suit online with a company I got from in 2012, I decided to go online looking for plus size swimsuits, came across Swimsuitsforall, ordered a suit it came to me within a week n a half!!! the other place took over a month!!! The customer service is excellent here. I am already sold on this company! Thank you swimsuitsforall you are a FIVE STAR COMPANY!

  254. Nancy Roepke

    I love your swimsuits and appreciate that you carry extended sizes. I, however, am a big woman with virtually no bust. It would be helpful to be able to find swimsuits that have only a shelf bra (just to hold things together) with no cups. All of the cups, whether soft or molded are just too big for me and don’t fit correctly. Please consider carrying some swimsuits in extended sizes with just a shelf bra. Thank you!

  255. Jeanette

    Hello…Anyone looking for chlorine resistant suits should try Aqua Belle. I’ve had one since last August(it’s now July 2015) and it still fits perfectly. The color has not faded. Even if the suit is chlorine resistant there are things you need to do to prolong the life of the suit. I never ever use the suit spinners at the pool. Never use the washer or dryer. I just hand wash with mild hand soap, rinse and roll in a towel & gently squeeze. Never twist or wring out the suit. I lay it flat to dry until it stops dripping then I drape it over my shower door til morning. I do water aerobics 3 days a week And the suit still looks great! I’ve ordered 2 more Aqua Belle suits. I highly recommend them.
    Hope this helps someone out there!

  256. Janet

    I purchased the 2 piece Vintage Americana Halter front Bikini swim suit and love it. I have got so many complements on it and questions on where to buy one. Fits well, covers everything and holds me in. Very happy customer :)

  257. Lorrie Jo

    As someone with a long waist, I’ve always had trouble finding one piece suits long enough. A few decades, two kids, and several surgeries later, a one piece is even more important. I was so glad to find your site. When I first searched for extra long swim suits it didn’t show up. Once I figured out that long torso swimwear was the search I needed, there you were. Now all I need to do is decide which swim dress I’m going to order.

  258. Rhonda chambers

    I love the longitude suits with the cross back. I wish they would make one in a black.

  259. PJ

    I am really happy to see a large selection of swimdresses.

  260. Marissa

    I absolutely love swimsuits 4 all, you all carry such a good selection with great sizing, I have been ordering from you all for a few years now and i’m always satisfied with my purchase.. I would like to be able to combine coupons though when shopping especially since i like to order a few swimsuits at a time. and since i can’t combine and get a nice big discount, i usually settle on only 1 suit.

  261. April D

    Swimsuits “for all” isn’t really representative of curves of all kinds. I am a size 8 on top and a size 14 on bottom. I can never find suits on your site that fit my custom sizing.

    • Swim Team

      Hi April! Please check out our separates section for more of a custom size selection.


    The Longitude 1 piece suit I received was very different from the illustration which appeared to have white embroidery. Imagine my surprise when finding an embellished gold and silver metallic design upon arrival. I think it’s beyond beautiful and I LOVE it. I do water aerobics three days a week and Longitude is always my brand of choice. Although my clothing size is 10-12 I find a size 14 swimsuit extends it’s life.
    I definitely recommend swimsuitsforall in response to the compliments I receive.

  263. Barb Winslow

    I just received my suit today. I am so happy with it! It fit true to size and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!

  264. JP

    I wish you would make your suit bottoms with higher cuts in the hips. It is hard to get a full piece suit to fit in the hips when a woman has a smaller top and waste but has full hips. The low cut tends to be too tight and makes a bulge in the thigh/hip area. I find that high cut bottoms look better with my shape. I stopped buying one piece suits from this site because of that reason. It would be nice to have a selection of high cut one piece suits and separate bottoms to choose from.

    • Swim Team

      Hi! We are so sorry to hear you had an issue with fit. We will be sure to escalate your feedback to our merchandising department! Thanks for shopping with us!

  265. Teresa

    I have not been to a beach or a swimming pool for at least 4 yrs because of my body image issue, like absolutely cannot force myself to get in a bathing suit. I have felt bad for my kids that i am too scared to be seen in a bathing suit, and what that portrays to them. So on a whim I decided to order a couple of bathing suits to try on in the privacy of my own home. The first one from another company got lost in transit, and then this one showed up from swimsuitsforall i cringed as i put it on, and then i braced myself while i half looked in the mirror, then I almost cried. I have NEVER felt this confident or good in a bathing suit EVER. This may sound trivial to some, but to me it was so amazing! I actually took a picture of myself( and I have only once did a selfie in my life) and sent to my hubby, and i promptly wore it into out hot tub with my daughter and i kept saying this suit is awesome, I just love it! and she said its the best swim suit ever mom! So So happy thank you thank you

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