Pretty in Pink


Cliché, we know, but there’s a reason women flock to this sweet shade. Besides being ultra-feminine, it’s also universally flattering on all skin tones. Pink perfectly complements darker skin and warms up paler complexions. Is it any wonder then that we’ve used the color in all sorts of styles, from ladylike floral swimdresses to sporty shortinis to sexy tankinis?

Pink, of course, is also tied to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause near and dear to our hearts. This year, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a charity whose sole purpose is to help women battling the disease and offer support and education to them and their families. What makes this organization so amazing is that it tailors programs and services for each individual woman so she’ll get the most benefit. The non-profit also regularly draws on its network of top-notch volunteers and leading health care professionals to answer questions, provide expertise and encourage a happy, healthy life.

“At swimsuitsforall, we really care about our customers, and we want them to feel their best all the time,” says our president and CEO Moshe Laniado. “That’s why we are so excited about our partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer. As a charity, their core beliefs align very closely to ours. We want our customers to have experiences that are better, happier and accessible to anyone and everyone, making the world a better place to swim in.”

In fact, we believe so much in the work LBBC does that we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We’re donating five percent of proceeds from every suit sold in October to the charity, so it can continue helping women with breast cancer and supporting their families and friends. Considering that 84 cents of every dollar LBBC receives goes toward programs and support services, we know the money will be put to great use.

After all, while we’re pretty crazy about the water and we’re even more passionate about doing what we can to make women’s lives a little easier.

Unfortunately this collection is no longer available but please check out our latest collections here!

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