Allow us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves


Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves.

We’re swimsuitsforall because that’s exactly who we serve. Take one look at the gorgeous, diverse lineup (Here!)  of real women in our company photo shoot, and you’ll see what we mean. From younger to older, smaller to larger, modest to bold, they stand shoulder to shoulder at the end, each rocking a different suit but all showing off their confidence. We want you to join our lineup and find your very own spot on the swimsuitsforall spectrum.

Maybe you already know and love us, or maybe you’re new to our site. Either way, we wanted to tell you a bit about who we are, what’s new and exciting, and what we stand for.

We’re on a mission to help you find the best swimsuit—one that fits, flatters and best reflects your personal style. We vow to replace swimwear-shopping dread with 100% satisfaction. How? By creating a seamless experience with supportive customer service and hassle-free returns and exchanges. It’s our Design Fit Guarantee!

24/7 VALUE
Say hello to serious savings on major style. Not only do we offer competitive prices and a huge selection, but we do it in one convenient place, every time you log on.

We help you feel sexy, attractive and beautiful every time you put on one of our swimsuits.

We combine style and femininity with high performance quality to enhance your lifestyle and overall wellness.

We’re thrilled to provide superb fashion and design. We give you what you deserve.

And, as you can see on our gorgeously renovated site at, we’ve got something for everyone. At swimsuitsforall, we believe that some of the most memorable times in our lives are spent in a swimsuit. By helping to improve your shopping experience, we’re making the world a better place to swim.

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