Rita Bryant

I Suited Up For: A New Adventure

While many of her friends were daydreaming about retirement Rita Bryant discovered a new passion – water aerobics

Talk to Rita Bryant for a few minutes, and one thing is clear: She’s always up for trying something new. Case in point: her exercise routine. Sure, it was successful — walking 5 miles around her Plano, Texas, neighborhood helped her shed 65 pounds — but after a while, it was also feeling a little stale.

She had heard about water aerobics from some friends and figured it was worth a try. She found a twice-weekly class in her area and immediately signed up. That was eight years ago, and the 64-year-old says she’s officially hooked. “I fell in love with water aerobics, how kind it is to your body, how hard it is, and how good it is for your body,” she says.

So passionate is she about this exercise “wave of the future” that six years ago, she earned her certification to become an instructor. These days, she teaches about 100 people a week in three towns, and her classes are known for being high-energy and lots of fun. “I taught a Dallas Cowboys football player, and I kicked his fat behind,” she laughs. “I may be old, but I can give you a good workout!”

Since Rita’s constantly moving in the water alongside her students, she needs high-performance swimsuits that can keep up — which is how she found swimsuitsforall. As much as Rita liked our suits, she was even more impressed with our customer service (something we think is pretty special too!). “swimsuitsforall bent over backwards for me,” she says. “I thought, this is a company I want to do business with. Not only are the prices very reasonable, but they’re service-oriented and that means a lot.” She spread the word about us to her students, who have also become big fans. In fact, one of her classes even took a picture in their suits and sent it to us!

We were so thrilled to hear how much she loved our swimwear — and grateful for all the awesome feedback she’s given us — that we named her an Aquabelle Ambassador. In her new role, she’ll keep providing us with valuable insight on styles, designs and fit, so we can keep giving you the high-quality swimwear you’ve come to expect from us.

As excited as we are to have her on board, Rita says she’s psyched about the new gig, too — especially the fancy title. “Now I just need to get myself a tiara,” she says.

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