Samantha Marks


Meet… Samantha Marks, Director of Customer Service

What’s your favorite body of water and why?
The ocean because there is nothing more calming and tranquil while at the same time, exciting and exhilarating.

What’s your most memorable swim story?
I was meeting a girlfriend that I have not seen in about 10 years at a local beach a few summers ago. We met at the boardwalk in our cover-ups and proceeded to go on the beach. We were both setting up our chairs and umbrellas when we both took off our cover-ups and turned towards each other. At that moment, we were both hysterical because we had the exact same swimsuits on! The looks that we got from everyone that day were priceless.

Before you worked at s4a what did you do?
I worked in customer service leadership positions for Fortune 500 companies.

Describe what you do at s4a in one sentence:
I have the best job in the company because I get to work with our customers and ensure they have an amazing experience with us.

What’s your favorite thing about working for s4a?
The autonomy that I have to do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are satisfied.

What’s in your beach tote?
A cover-up, lotion, water and a book.

Describe your swim style in three words:
Savvy, sexy and fun.

What’s your superhero skill?
I believe that I have the ability to connect and relate to people that I have never met.

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  1. Marsha Taylor

    Hay Samantha – just discovered this awesome part of your website. Good to see who I am in touch with! You are truly an amazing person with that superhero skill!

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