Samantha Marks


Meet… Samantha Marks, Director of Customer Service

What’s your favorite body of water and why?
The ocean because there is nothing more calming and tranquil while at the same time, exciting and exhilarating.

What’s your most memorable swim story?
I was meeting a girlfriend that I have not seen in about 10 years at a local beach a few summers ago. We met at the boardwalk in our cover-ups and proceeded to go on the beach. We were both setting up our chairs and umbrellas when we both took off our cover-ups and turned towards each other. At that moment, we were both hysterical because we had the exact same swimsuits on! The looks that we got from everyone that day were priceless.

Before you worked at s4a what did you do?
I worked in customer service leadership positions for Fortune 500 companies.

Describe what you do at s4a in one sentence:
I have the best job in the company because I get to work with our customers and ensure they have an amazing experience with us.

What’s your favorite thing about working for s4a?
The autonomy that I have to do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are satisfied.

What’s in your beach tote?
A cover-up, lotion, water and a book.

Describe your swim style in three words:
Savvy, sexy and fun.

What’s your superhero skill?
I believe that I have the ability to connect and relate to people that I have never met.

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  1. Marsha Taylor

    Hay Samantha – just discovered this awesome part of your website. Good to see who I am in touch with! You are truly an amazing person with that superhero skill!

  2. Tammy Montejano

    Hi Samatha, I wanted to take the time out to personally to thank you for providing swimwear for those of us who are breast cancer survivors.
    Having to have both breasts removed I am left with scars that you never want anyone to see. Swimsuits4all provides many neckline cuts that cover enough of the chest area that does not allow exposure, also many of us have scars that go all the way to the armpits and your swimwear covers enough of that to. I also like that the cup size is not so deep and padded because for one we have nothing to fill that cup up with and two it looks disgusting when wet. HAHA! So thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can now enjoy a nice relaxing day in the water and NOTING is exposed and I won’t have to send anyone to therapy if they should get a glimpse of my chest!! HAHAHA! I also want to let you know that there is a wonderful employee Name Cori Hastilow.. What a doll and so very nice and friendly, I had a return and I am not great at the computer and she was lovely and made it effortless for me.. Blessings to you and your staff! Tammy.

  3. Justine

    Hi Samantha,

    After having a baby 6 months ago and finally getting up the confidence to go post-baby bikini shopping, I was browsing online and stumbled across your awesome site. After shopping around I found 2 suits I really liked and placed an order with expedited shipping right before the event I had planned on attending. I called in to check my order status and was so happy to get your associate, Cori (ext.2237). With it being so close to the event, I was worried about sizing and shipping time and she gladly went over everything in my order. She took her time, made sure I felt comfortable about what I was ordering and also made sure to track my order and even followed up with me later on that day to ensure my order had shipped out. She deserves a raise! Great customer service is hard to come by nowadays and it was refreshing to speak with someone who not only knew the products, but who demonstrated such great customer service. She was very professional but was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable talking to her about something I’m so sensitive about nowadays- my body.
    Now, fast forward- I receive my order and to my dismay the order was wrong. I was sent 2 tops in error, instead of a bikini top with bottom set. This was the set I was planning on wearing that weekend so you can imagine how dissapointed I was. I called in to let you guys know and was even more dissapointed to find out you were all out of my size. I was left with no choice but to wear the one piece which ended up giving me painful marks from the boning in the bra support bending and poking my sides.

    I called customer service to resolve the discrepancies on my order and the 2 ladies I spoke with regrading a possible exchange or return were NOT HELPFUL at all. One of them, I think Marisa was her name, kept insisting I ordered 2 tops and one bottom in addition to the one piece suit. I told her I only ordered one bikini set and a one piece and that’s what I was charged for, however it was almost like she was arguing me. I asked could I just talk to a manger but all she could say was “I can help you” and wouldn’t transfer. She was not helping me at all. I ended up hanging up because I wasn’t getting anywhere and felt like I was talking to a wall. Anyway, I guess I will return the two tops this weekend and hopefully get a refund for that. What started off a really great experience ended up being a not-so-great experience and I thought you might be interested in hearing about it.Thanks for taking the time to read.

    Kind Regards,
    Justine Green

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