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I Suited Up For: Fun

Australian Blogger Samara Gentle learned how to tune out the negative thoughts and enjoy life at the beach

Until about a year ago, Australia native Samara Gentle wore board shorts with her swimsuits. But all that changed this summer when the Blonde Ink blogger decided to embrace swimwear that was trendy, bold and even a little sexy.

In her hunt for the perfect new beach outfit, she found us — and was immediately smitten by the wide selection of suits we offer. “There’s nothing worse than only having a small pool of clothes to choose from when shopping,” she explains. “But when you have pages and pages of options, you’re almost guaranteed to find something to suit your body and style.”

One of the biggest selling points of our swimwear has been the built-in support, though Samara says she also loves the ultra-feminine designs, like the Marilyn Monroe Coral Convertible Swimdress. “It has a sexier, more elegant look for the beach, which can’t hurt!” she says.

But make no mistake, Samara demands more from a swimsuit than a pretty face. “Swimwear should work with a woman’s body, rather than work against, especially because you wear swimwear when it’s hot and you’re baring more skin than usual,” she says. “You want to feel comfortable and sexy.”

Feeling at ease in a swimsuit is something Samara has written about candidly on Blonde Ink, and she recently realized the only thing standing between her and total “beach confidence” was, well, herself. “I’ve never really been nice to myself,” she writes on her blog, adding that she doesn’t “want to constantly be consumed with thoughts of how fat or ugly I look. I actually want to enjoy life and take in the other things around me.”

Her advice on making the most of every moment in the water? Forget about the people around you. “Focus on you being at the beach and enjoying it, watching the waves, feeling the salt water, lying on the sand,” she says. “It’s all about the experience of being at the beach and nothing to do with worrying about what people around you are thinking.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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