6 thoughts on “Sexy at Every Curve Photo Shoot

  1. Either the girls aren’t real or there has been a serious amount of Photoshop work done in order to remove every inch of cellulite and most of the “folds” that come with being a person of the plus size persuasion. It’s a pity that, even though this shoot promotes positive self image, the images still have to be altered to be considered “sexy”. When will it be OK for a person’s body to be perceived as attractive simply as it really is – with all of the lumps, bumps, wrinkles and bulges included?

  2. This is an incredibly beautiful shoot! The models are gorgeous and the swimsuits are really just perfect. The SI spoof was excellent and there should be more pictures like that everywhere! Great way to show women of all shapes and sizes.

  3. Aloha,

    These shots are just fabulous!! I have been going mad reposting this everywhere. It’s just so beautiful and the women everywhere are responding!

    It’s been a real day of curvy luscious women things. So I’ve decided to declare today The International Real Women Have Curves Day 2 Jun 2014. :-)

    Love this. It’s so positive. Thank you.

    Aloha and thanks Meg :-)

  4. So cool you did the Sports Illustrated cover in a curvy version. As Samara is asking, where do we buy the calendar? We are hoping for a new standard of curvy calendars with other themes also.

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