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I Suited Up for: Myself

Australian Blogger Sophie Russell found the secret to beach confidence

Growing up in Australia, Sophie Russell hit the country’s famed beaches in the least body-con outfit imaginable: old shorts and a t-shirt. Sure, plus-sized swimwear skewed older (and dowdier) then, but the teenager was also acutely aware of her curves – and felt like she needed to cover them up.

Fast forward to today, when Sophie has not only dropped the baggy get-up for curve-hugging, ultra-flattering swimwear, but also regularly shares pictures of herself wearing them on her blog, Modish Maracas. We’re big fans of the posts and their love-yourself-as-you-are message, and it turns out, Sophie is a fan of us, too! She first heard about swimsuitsforall when GabiFresh’s galaxy “fatkini” made international headlines. “I was impressed that there was a company out there that was supporting plus-sized designers,” she says.

Considering her sizable swimsuit collection, it’s no surprise Sophie also appreciates the variety of swimwear we carry. But one thing this avid swimmer demands is that her suits stand up to repeated exposure to chlorine. “I swim laps at my local pool during the week,” she explains, “and after six months of vigorous swimming, [swimsuitsforall’s swimdresses] haven’t lost their color or shape. I think that’s quite rare to find.”

Like us, Sophie is a firm believer in embracing your figure but, having been on the other side, knows that true acceptance takes time. “The way I overcame this — and how I’d recommend to others as well — is to change what messages you expose yourself to,” she says. “Don’t read trashy, body-shaming magazines. Find fashion blogs by women with your body shape. Follow body-positive advocates on Instagram. Read books that challenge beauty standards. And think for yourself!”


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