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Our Sexy at Every Curve campaign was featured on The Stylish Standout. For the full article, read here.

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  1. Phyllis Tuzzolino

    My husband recently purchased a swim suit for me on-line that we both thought would be great and perhaps a good fit for me, I have had much trouble in the past finding something that fits like it says and I am happy to say I LOVE MY NEW TOP it fits just like the details said it would thanks so much and just in time for my trip which is around the corner. I would only say this the prints selections for me being in my early 40’s were not pretty and slim pickings perhaps you could look and the ones for smaller woman and get those pretty prints? love to order from you again.

  2. Debbie Bruce

    I cannot find a bathing suit that fits me but I can see there is a big girl in this picture that you have managed to fit. I am 60 in a few days and I would like a one piece as I have a big stomach…and wear a size 20 E bra size for Australia….I weigh in at 85 kilos…but I am not fat in the legs really and my bottom is kind of flat in fact. I wear a size 20 top and 18 in pants. I just would like to see something that might fit a not too old girl like me so that I could go for a swim. Do you think you would have anything?
    I just want to have a look first.

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